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The Glaesen Star is a ship that sails between Teras Isle and Wehnimer's Landing. Experienced adventurers could purchase passage aboard the ship (level 20 required). Tickets to Teras Isle are 10,000 silvers, while return trips to Wehnimer's Landing are free. The Glaesen Star departs every hour from each port: at the top of the hour from the South Wharf of the Landing(room# 8898), and on the half hour from Teras(room# 1870). The trip takes approximately ten minutes.

Officers of any CHE are granted free passage twice per month, and all trips for Kharam Dzu citizens are free. Tickets are sold at an office located on the South Wharf of the Landing.(Room# 8899) After purchasing a ticket, go back outside(room# 8898) and use the Gangplank with ticket in hand to board. Note- The curtained partition mentioning that F2P characters do not have access to Teras Isle is erroneous and can board using the gangplank.

Nearly a hundred years old as of 5106, the Glaesen Star was purchased from human merchants by the Borthuum Mining Company not long after the establishment of the town of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. In 5103, the Glaesen Star was attacked underway with Prince Eregrek Borthuum on board in a fierce naval battle by Krolvins, as part of a general invasion of Teras Isle.


The Star's trips take 10 minutes at sea. The Star leaves the Landing every hour, on the hour and leaves Teras every hour, on the half-hour.

Travel guide tidbit

The guide says, "There's a ship called the Glaesen Star that transports people and goods between the Landing and Teras Isle. Did you know, the Glaesen Star used to ferry between Solhaven and Teras instead?"

Citizen-only lounge

In 5108 the Glaesen Star underwent renovations, including the addition of a private lounge for citizens of Kharam Dzu. The lounge is a node.

[Glaesen Star, Beneath the Waves]
Huge, bevelled panes of colorless glaes replace the hull timbers to either side of the keel. From the deck planking to the deck beams above, the ship's bow is a giant window opening on the world beneath the waves. Several small driftwood tables are scattered about the room. Atop each is a green glaes-shaded oil lamp which casts a dim light, giving the room the illusion of being an extension of the realm beyond the panel. Set in the wall near the driftwood bar is a glaes-topped driftwood bar. You also see a driftwood framed archway and a burly dwarven tapman.
Obvious exits: none

The tapman says, "There's some fine grog on the bar. If ye want more, there be lots of food an' drink through that door, but only if yer a citizen of the Isle!"

>look panel
This huge panel of flawless glaes has been ground and polished to perfection.

>look bar
Set against the aft bulkhead, the bar is built of driftwood and topped with a sheet of jade green glaes.

>go door
[Glaesen Star, Citizens' Lounge]
Rich mahogany paneling covers the walls of this plush room. A long leather couch stands against the far wall near a brass and glass serving cart. Overhead, a huge chandelier of wrought iron holds thick, red pillar candles. In the center of the room stands a marble-topped table covered with a lush buffet of tantalizing foods. Music wafts up a set of three steps from the ballroom. You also see a thick mahogany door.
Obvious exits: none

You walk over to the couch and with a satisfying sigh, throw yourself down upon its soft cushions.

>look on cart
On the glass serving cart you see a jug of lemony Greymist Beetlefizz, a pot of piping hot drakefern tea and a pitcher of Gulroten stock ale.

>look on table
On the marble-topped table you see a dish of wild Fhorian strawberries, some mushroom kabobs, some chocolate volcano candy, some zesty Terasian lava bisque and a platter of fried shrimp.

>go steps
[Glaesen Star, Ballroom]
This dramatic room is shaped like a spacious half moon. On the straight side, a set of three steps leads up toward the lounge area. The remainder of wall space is a massive, curved window, looking out at the depths of the sea. A huge wrought iron chandelier hangs from the dark, hardwood ceiling, casting light over the highly polished parquet floor. At the exact center of the windowed wall stands a multi-tiered bubbling fountain. A young dwarven harpist sits on a stool in the corner, with an ornate harp situated between her knees.
Obvious exits: none

>get wine
You pour yourself some effervescent golden-bronze wine.