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Eregrek Borthuum is the former lord prince of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle and Clan Leader of the Borthuum Clan. He stepped down in 5113 and was succeeded by Voregrek.

Sankir the Bloodfist used soul-stealer worms to control the dwarven prince during the krolvin invasions in 5103. Under the spell, Prince Eregrek persuaded all of the Terasian defenders to board the Glaesen Star, which was subsequently attacked. All of the defenders were stranded in Wehnimer's Landing. Upon returning to Kharam Dzu, Prince Eregrek banned all elven blood from Teras. Any person of elven blood caught in the streets was taken to the boat for deportation. When the worms were removed, Eregrek declared war against the krolvins.

Eregrek was given a waraxe with the power to kill the krolvin forever.

Eregrek strikes the dead body of Krigh. Flames erupt along the blade of his waraxe! The flames engulf Krigh's body, turning it into a crackling, hissing pillar of fire! Dark, greasy smoke stings your eyes. When the smoke clears, the body of Krigh is gone!

While on a diplomatic mission to Ta'Illistim later in 5103, Prince Eregrek Borthuum and his Dwarven Honor Guard were attacked by a large party of trolls. During the attack a large grey troll slugged Prince Eregrek in the face with a blackjack, picked him up, slung him across his shoulders and carried him off.

In 5104, Prince Eregrek led an attack on the trolls which opened the Greymist hunting area.


You see Clan Leader Eregrek Borthuum.
He is of average size for a dwarf. His green eyes burrow deeply into whatever they come to rest upon. His black hair is short and styled into spikes that point to the back of his head.
He is holding a broad-bladed waraxe in his right hand and a glaes-banded mithril shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a small leather pouch, a pair of grey gloves studded with small chunks of mithril, a grey cape, a pair of armored boots, some well-crafted mithril half plate and a ticket pouch.
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