Glimaerstone Heel

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Glimaerstone Heel is a cobbling shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in the Burghal Gnome Enclave, northwest of the Great Dome.

[The Glimaerstone Heel, Cobblers]
A counter, carved out of the surrounding stone, is overlaid with a slab of polished ultramarine glimaerstone. Two matching wall-hung shelves, laden with shoe lasts and with sample pieces, stare each other down across an open space in the middle of the cavern. A pair of chairs and a small table complete the collection of furniture.


  1. some brass cog settings             6. a bolt of distressed leather
  2. some silver nut and bolt settings   7. a length of black rolton wool
  3. some pearl settings                 8. a bolt of rolton wool
  4. a pair of gear-cut plates           9. a length of copper wire
  5. a pair of clockwork plates         

  Backroom Catalog
  10. a bolt of shimmering aqilorn   11. a length of shimmering gold aqilorn