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Gloumerrick books were first introduced by GM Jharra's merchant, Gloumerrick, as a way to bring books with pre-written text into the game. All of the original run Gloumerrick books included short stories, poetry, essays, or reference texts submitted by players, as written by their characters. Since then, GM Valyrka has taken over ownership of the Gloumerrick book script, re-releasing some of the original run books and also bringing new books into the game. In 2019, Wyil Rvaln's the traveling book wagon, A Likely Story, started to make periodic visits to various towns in the game with both old and new books available for purchase. In addition, The Last Chapter at Rings of Lumnis' Agora Promenade had a variety of Gloumerrick books for sale starting in 2022. Books built on this script have also been featured at Ebon Gate and associated with various quests, and they can be found in various libraries of Elanthia.

The current Gloumerrick book script is the third iteration of the book concept. The original release books were actually containers with physical page objects inside of them, each with its own read and look description, to form a cohesive book. The script was created approximately a year after the first books were released, with second generation Gloumerrick books being reduced to a single item with scripted capability to turn and read individual pages. Current third generation Gloumerrick books are built on an updated script.

Gloumerrick Book


Verb First Third
OPEN You open the rolaren tome. XXX opens her rolaren tome.
TURN You turn to the next page of your rolaren tome. XXX flips through her rolaren tome.
FLIP You flip back to the PREVIOUS page of your tome. XXX flips through her rolaren tome.
READ Displays selected page text. XXX quietly reads her rolaren tome.
CLOSE You gently close the rolaren tome, taking care with its pages. XXX gently closes her rolaren tome, taking care with its pages.

Released Books

Original Release Books

The original books were released in approximately 2003, with some re-released starting in 2019.

Category Author Title Cover
Biographies Kaishaku "An Interview with Harith The Whip of Mularos - Dated The Eighth Day of Eorgaen 5102 an ice grey glaes-surfaced volume
Lurch Goatroper (Renick Aellorean) "Aramur Kysus and the Evolution of the Imperial Turamzyrrian Army" a mottled umber leather tome
Sanae a gilded azure mithril book
Cultural Lore Colonel Guarrin Rakinhelm "Protectors of the Citadel" a silver blazestar-inset book
General Valicar VonWraithmaster "Northern Fury Training Manual" a cerulean star-embossed manual
Geremiah Newhall "The Lost Lands: Yuriqen Caverndeep and Others" a silver-edged enamelled brown volume
Krissella Tr'Baren "The Dhe'nar a Primer for the Uninformed" an obsidian rose-embossed tome
Morahael 'Morah' Lyshven Faendryl "Sword and Sorcery in New Ta'Faendryl" a diamond-set silvery mithril volume
Xelivana 'Aimless' Meanderings "The Trident of the Phoenix" a phoenix patterned gold book
Games Juspera Spintari "Sixes: Instructions on How to Play the Second-Best Party Game Since Terasian Craps a dice-engraved bright silver guidebook
Odevalis Suhestial "A Pocket Guide to Herb Roulette" a small jade-inlaid book
Legends and Fiction Blardo Vastgirth "The Golden Pantaloons" a gilded purple mithril book
Chutnee BornOdepression "Chronicle of the Ivory Tower" a bird-painted ivory book
Doppelganger of-Integra "Sword of Regrets" a silvery sword-embossed tome
Gowain Olberath "The Fate of a Faendryl Princess" a mithril-gilt scarlet leather book
Karlin Rialios IV "Brothers" a gem-inlaid golden mithril book
Lord Arkans Z'dehn Faendryl "Faendryl Doctrine" a snow white scarlet-crested volume
Ralkir Reichtenstein "The Forgotten Faendryl and the Death of the Ashrim" an onyx-inlaid scarlet mithril tome
Shejala Da'artika "The Monkey and the Man" an oaken monkey-engraved book
Xanith Sourcerus "The Tale of Sparkles the Spider" a silver-traced pink mithril book
Personal Tales Aerlic "So It Begins..." a comet-painted black glaes book
Atri Talieson "The Orphanage of Jantalar: Even in Darkness there is Hope" a dusky mithril-gilt book
Eriyan Arcasia "The Meeting of a Ranger and a Warrior" a mithril-bound tooled leather volume
Hrothgan the Pirate "The Sinking of the Black Frigate: A Brother's Revenge" a crimson shark-embossed volume
Kamisori a jade and ebon deathstone-set volume
Kelfyr Rynier "Solitude and Sadness" a leaf-embossed teal ora book
Kudra a fern-embossed jet mithril volume
Lady Roxana "A Lovestory Unlocked or How Picking Started in the East Tower" a slim rose-enamelled volume
Naessi Ranay Wintersun "She Saved Me" a small bejeweled black volume
Nevea "A New Face: From Nevea's Journal". a silver-inlaid blue mithril journal
Shadowkatt "Beneath the Surface" a smooth dusk grey imflass volume
Silon "Tales of a Cat" (The writing on this book is in Saramar runes) a narrow black and grey volume
Tepkin "Tepkin the Brave" a topaz-inset brown leather book
Tunder Bloodstoe "Me, Myself, and the Monkey" a rainbow dreamstone-set tome
Tymmil "A Circle of Love and Hatred" a night black circle-embossed book
Ysharra Nagorn "Memory and Perception" a color-swirled dark mithril book
Yviara Na'Savar "The Rescue of Lord Bleeds" a gak suede mithril-trimmed volume
Practical Guides Argaine a forest green velvet-surfaced handbook
Askip "Beware the Obelisk -- A Ta'Illistim Travel Tip" an engraved green mithril guidebook
Avidleigh Tir-na "Iconic Divination: Volume One" a crystal-inset pale grey tome
Delondil Wanderwolf "A Ranger's Guide to Wilderness Cooking" an agate-inset leatherbound cookbook
Gespry Kastellion "Elanthia's Four Deadliest Avians" a gleaming blue feather-adorned guidebook
Leedle Beitt "Yummy Stuff!" a mithril-gilt cream leather cookbook
Revalos Lykanderon of Mestanir "Great Fishing Locales: A Guide to Tyramia Hollow and Solhaven Bay" a fish-embossed mithril-gilt guidebook
Shallimar Wyldcat "Thoughts on the Black Market" a silver-inlaid black mithril volume
Strathe and Antalya duBane "A Reference for Foraging Herbs" a deep green tree-engraved handbook
Velvette Aldursvale "A Visitor's Guide to Ta'Illistim" a sapphire-set engraved silver guidebook
Vrairdrick a burnished brown lear handbook
Yarx Teelf "Is This Thing Dead?: A Guide to Caring For Strange Animals" an enamelled gold-edged guidebook
Professional Guides Eugenides "Locksmiths" a gold-inlaid grey mithril book
Nilithi Gaeas "Techniques in Healing: Etiquette of Empaths" an emerald and pearl-set alum volume
Rekarth N'Teclis Faendryl "On Sorcery" a scarlet and grey mithril book
Shikel Xietian "Techniques in Raising: the Etiquette of Clerics" a nacreous gold-inlaid ora book
Religion and Philosophy Aramana Leirath "Foxables" a fox-embossed black mithril book
Cappurnicus Calerous "Walking the Path of Neutrality" a crystal-inset grey leather volume
Grhim Anyukal "The Nature of Fear" an amber-inset black iron book
Jhaina a gold-stamped cerulean volume
Kilthal Dradious "Shan: Reflections of a Predator" a dusky grey and green tome
Kisaku Shizukatora "Andelasian Art of the Hunt" a spotted gold and black volume
Kylaeh Shaidwyn and Eairus Drakonen "Aeia, Lady of the World: The Mother Through the Eyes of Her Children" a celadon lily-enamelled book
Naamit D. Monica "Mularosian Cadence" a silver-inlaid scarlet glaes tome
Nevrek Araknathalin Faendryl "On the Balance of Life and Unlife As Theorized by" a greyish-blue scale-embossed book
Plur Shisttle "What Every Elanthian Wants" a deep blue ale-crested volume
Railien Ta'Illoshien Blightstruck "The Four Tenets of Brother Calendrael an onyx-inlaid golden mithril tome
Sayori Nrsrimadeva "Prayers and Rituals of Andelas" an emerald-set ebony book
Songowl K. Avionis-Regentil "The Heart of Elanthia" a bejeweled leaf-green tome
Starsnuffer Sunslayer "On Power" an amethyst-set rolaren tome
Tierus Morvaenus "Mularos: A Study of the Arkati and His Religion" a pearlescent garnet-inlaid tome
Songs and Poetry Bevan Ravenswing "Minstrel's Heart: Poems of a Wanderer" a midnight blue opal-inset volume
Brakian Warbringer "The Raven and the Wolf" a silver-inlaid black velvet book
Briah a deep blue thistle-motif volume
Casilla Qua'nok "Only the wind..." a slim leaf-patterned volume
Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav a glistening dark-hued ora volume
Chastity a wild rose and skull enamelled book
Emo Rel "The Dashing Rogue and the Facts of Life" a bejeweled dark mithril book
Eridal Mailrinn "A Ranger's Heart" an agate-inset engraved haon book
Hayl Falconsong "Simple Limericks for Simple Folk!" a colorfully enamelled volume
Lord Krisenfest Rote-Kapelle "Triumph of the Light" a sun and phoenix painted volume
Meilya Moriquesse and Altasren Eltinwe "Loresongs for Fun and Profit" a scarab-inset gold and brown book
Morstanya Urywain "Dismay or Humor?" a snowflake patterned azure book
Nofret Hrist "My Love Is The Sea" a rippled blue pearl-inset book
Quivalin "Quivalin's Songs of Love and Spring" a flower-set polished glass volume
Ramladu Stormcheck "The Day" a smoke grey gold-inlaid book
Rontuu Whippert "Salvation - From the Heart of a Poet" a ruby-inlaid white mithril book
Seredetia a large hammered iron book (in Saramar)
Skeed "I'm Sorry For..." a dark sunset-painted book
Tanager Skydancing "The Legend of Winterbane" a reddish-gold onyx-inlaid tome
Ylena Fygar "Assorted Love Songs" a rose-embossed blue and white volume

New Released Books

New books were added in 2019 and sold by Wyil Rvaln in his travelling book wagon, "A Likely Story". These books were then featured at the Agora Promenade shop, The Last Chapter, starting in 2022 with some additional books.

Category Author Title Cover
Cultural Lore Radeek Andoran "The Tehir Chronicles - Book 1, Itinerant" an inky black morduska hide book
Legends and Fiction Nazarr Csaba "The Jinn of the Qirnyz Gate" an onyx-inlaid golden mithril book
Phanna Green "The Immortal Company by Capell, transcribed and illustrated by Phanna Green" a vultite-bound darkened suede book
Practical Guides Xorus Kul'shin "The Malevolent Incarnated: Dark Spirits and the Demonic" a warped vruul leather grimoire
TBD Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani "Seven Hymns for the Pierced of Heart" a scarlet leather-bound psalter

Other Books

Several books using this script have appeared in libraries, festivals, and in quests.

Additional Information

Gloumerrick book Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Book
Alterable Yes
Original Release Merchant Gloumerrick
Item Verbs