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This page lists all the Golem Family creatures found in Elanthia.

Golems are magical creatures constructed with specific materials (e.g., bone, lava, and the night sky). They range in sizes from 4 feet (night golems) to 12 feet (lava golems). In addition, they can be found in all regions of Elanthia, across a wide range of levels. Below is a list of the common golem species of Elanthia, their level, and their general location in the world. By definition, constructs and stone sentinels are a type of golem, as well.

Golem Level Location
Night golem 5 River's Rest
Bone golem 8 Landing; Ta'Vaalor; River's Rest
Crystal golem 12 Landing
Steel golem 20 Landing
Huge mein golem 37 Landing
Flesh golem 50 River's Rest
Ice golem 53 Pinefar
Lava golem 56 Teras Isle
Soul golem 63 Teras Isle
Lesser construct 83 Ta'Illistim
Greater construct 96 Ta'Illistim
Behemothic gorefrost golem 104 Hinterwilds

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