Behemothic gorefrost golem

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Behemothic gorefrost golem
Level 104
Family Golem family creatures
Body Type Biped
Area(s) Found Hinterwilds
HP 1000
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Stomp 505 AS
Pound 445 AS
Closed fist 480 AS
Bolt Spells
Minor Cold (1709) 410 AS
Warding Spells
Cold Snap (512) 444 CS
Misc. Offensive Spells
Major Elemental Wave (435)
Combat Maneuvers
Special Offensive Abilities
Twin Hammerfists
Heat Leaching see messaging
Colossal Fist see massaging
Defense Attributes
Full Plate (natural) ASG 20N
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee ?
Ranged ?
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 428
Cleric Base ?
Empath Base 426
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base ?
Sorcerer Base 454
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental 457
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual ?
Major Spiritual ?
Minor Mental ?
Other Unique Abilities
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin None
Other gigas artifact
The golem stands taller than a two-story building, a crude and blocky humanoid shape of ice that glows with an unsavory sanguine aura.  Clouds of frozen blood and bits of viscera are trapped in its frosty depths.  All are lifeless and still save for a single preserved organ at the golem's core: a humanoid heart.  The heart is shrouded in a swirl of slushy red fluid and, impossibly, it pulses with a sluggish, uneven beat, giving off coruscations of sanguine light.

Hunting Strategies

General Advice
  • Like many other creatures of this type, these golems' high amount of health and immunity to being killed by lethal crits is offset by low DS. This makes flurries of unaimed attacks such as assault techniques or mstrikes backed up by Two Weapon Combat, assault techniques or mstrikes using unarmed combat, or repeated attacks backed up by Celerity (506) relatively effective.
  • These golems take additional damage from fire, though the exact mechanics of how aren't known at the time of this writing.
  • Weapon techniques and combat maneuvers that knock golems prone and inflict Staggered, like Twin Hammerfists, Sweep, or Tackle, can often stall out golems since their combat rounds are fairly slow and they don't have high SMR defense.

Other Information

The frozen earth underfoot shifts precipitously as an arm of blood-flecked ice erupts upward, followed by the towering form of a behemothic gorefrost golem.  The golem straightens its massive bulk with a sound like shattering glass.
Room arrival
The ground shudders as a behemothic gorefrost golem stomps in.
A rush of silent thunder explodes outward from the golem as the power animating it disperses.
The animalistic rage empowering a behemothic gorefrost golem subsides.
Despite desperate windmilling to catch its balance, a behemothic gorefrost golem topples toward you!  You leap to the side and avoid being flattened as the golem topples over with a thunderous crash!

Combat messaging

Major Elemental Wave (435)
Intense light begins to bleed from within a behemothic gorefrost golem, shimmering blue and unsavory scarlet warring with one another for brilliance.  A wave of blinding elemental energy pulses from the golem, so cold that moisture in the air crystallizes into stinging frost.
Heat Leaching
[SMR result: 108 (Open d100: 80)]
Hungering cold tears at your flesh, viciously leaching the heat from your body!
Your body resists the freezing damage and lessens the severity of the attack!
   ... 10 points of damage!
   An icy blast to the back!  Sleeping will not be easy tonight.
Colossal Fist
[SMR result: 152 (Open d100: 75, Bonus: 2)]
A behemothic gorefrost golem raises a colossal fist of enchanted ice overhead and brings it crashing down.  A line of jagged ice streaks along the ground, racing toward you!

Fragments assail you in a violent, crystalline eruption!
   ... 10 points of damage!
   Oh.. but a hot foot would feel good about now!
   ... 10 points of damage!
   You're not getting cold feet now, are you?
Roundtime: 20 sec.
Closed fist
A behemothic gorefrost golem swings a colossal fist of ice at you!
  AS: +480 vs DS: +900 with AvD: +19 + d100 roll: +63 = -338
   A clean miss.
Stomp (attack)
Raising a prodigious foot, a behemothic gorefrost golem tries to stomp on you!
  AS: +495 vs DS: +658 with AvD: +44 + d100 roll: +46 = -73
   A clean miss.
Pound (attack)
A behemothic gorefrost golem rears back slowly and swings a mighty arm of blood-flecked ice down at you!
  AS: +445 vs DS: +874 with AvD: +44 + d100 roll: +33 = -352
   A clean miss.
Twin Hammerfists
A behemothic gorefrost golem raises its hands high, laces them together and brings them crashing down towards you!
[SMR result: 39 (Open d100: 42)]
You easily move out of a behemothic gorefrost golem's way and its attack catches only air!
A behemothic gorefrost golem clenches its right fist and brings its arm back for a roundhouse punch aimed at you!
[SMR result: 35 (Open d100: 17)]
You manage to deflect a behemothic gorefrost golem's blow in the nick of time!
A behemothic gorefrost golem charges towards you and attempts a headbutt!
[SMR result: 108 (Open d100: 83, Bonus: 2)]
Your size significantly hinders your defense!
A behemothic gorefrost golem slams its head into you!
Your full leather absorbs part of the blow!
Your body resists the crushing damage and lessens the severity of the attack!
   ... 5 points of damage!
   You hear a buzzing in your ears from that blow!
Minor Cold (1709)
A behemothic gorefrost golem hurls a chunk of ice at you!
  AS: +410 vs DS: +643 with AvD: +39 + d100 roll: +6 = -188
   A clean miss.
Cold Snap (512)
A behemothic gorefrost golem thrusts a blocky fist toward you!
An airy mist rolls into the area, carrying a harsh chill with it.
  CS: +444 - TD: +510 + CvA: +5 + d100: +27 - -5 == -29
  Warded off!
The mist leaves a thin layer of ice on your lower half, but you easily shake it off.
  CS: +444 - TD: +444 + CvA: -10 + d100: +30 == +20
  Warded off!
The mist leaves a thin layer of ice on a brawny gigas shield-maiden's lower half, but she easily shakes it off.
  CS: +444 - TD: +426 + CvA: +25 + d100: +62 == +105
The mist leaves a heavily armored battle mastodon's lower half encased in a thick block of ice.
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