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Grik'tyr is one of a number of valences from which demons may originate. Demons from Grik'tyr may be summoned into Elanthia either by sorcerers with knowledge of Minor Summoning (725).

Grik'tyr is comprised of vast expanses of rocky plains, littered with craggy cliffs, boulders and rubble. These plains are interrupted only by vast networks of shallow canyons. Seemingly devoid of water, and constantly battered by heavy winds, the valence is quite desolate. The skies are generally a uniform grey overcast, and aside from the winds, there seem to be no varying weather patterns.

Grik'tyr is inhabited by at least two demon archetypes, the grik and the imps. Naturally, both types of inhabitants are able to survive in its harsh environment, though little is known about what that entails.

Within the valence, the grik live in tribal societies, divided into at least four factions. These tribes are often at war with each other, and when not, the peace between them is temporary at best. Their wars tend to be over territory, though resources can play a part as well. Though they outnumber the grik, the imps are used as slaves by them. Imps are very subservient to the point that at the command of one grik, an imp will disobey its original master in fear of the consequences of disobeying at all.

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