Grik'tyr (rune)

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The grik'tyr rune is used to target inhabitants of the Grik'tyr valence when casting Minor Summoning. Certain uncommon runes can be used to target even more specific types of demons within Grik'tyr. Sorcerers may draw their own grik'tyr runestones, or "scarred brown" runestones can be purchased from the shop in most Sorcerer Guilds with the rune already inscribed upon it.

  • The amount of charges each runestone contains may vary depending upon how it was created.
  • Holding the runestone in either hand, cast 725 at it.
Grik'tyr Runes Targeted Demon(s) Availability Difficulty
grik'tyr Grik'mlar, Grik'pwal, Grik'trak, Grik'tval, Imp Common Tier 1
grik'tyr-grik Grik'mlar, Grik'pwal, Grik'trak, Grik'tval Uncommon Tier 2
grik'tyr-grik'mlar Grik'mlar only Uncommon Tier 3
grik'tyr-grik'pwal Grik'pwal only Uncommon Tier 3
grik'tyr-grik'trak Grik'trak only Uncommon Tier 3
grik'tyr-grik'tval Grik'tval only Uncommon Tier 3
grik'tyr-imp Imps only Uncommon Tier 3