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Introduction and Verbiage

From hunting, to spellups, to daily interactions, group mechanics are very important in Gemstone IV. Groups can have an unlimited number of members and can be formed using the JOIN, HOLD, and GROUP (character) verbs. Groups will always have one leader who can control access using GROUP OPEN and GROUP CLOSE. Players setting their characters to GROUP CLOSE will not be able to be held, added, or dragged.

The group leader will do all of the moving for the group (e.g., cardinal directions and portals). The group leader can change the lead using GROUP LEAD (character), or can DISBAND to end the group. Individuals can be removed by the leader using GROUP REMOVE (character), individuals can also LEAVE the group by choice. There are some portals and climbing/swimming checks that do not support group movement.

Once in a group players can communicate quietly amongst themselves using WHISPER GROUP (message), and for out of character communications using WHISPER OOC GROUP (message).


     GROUP                          - Shows your current group status and who is currently in your group.
     GROUP OPEN                     - Allows others to join your group or take you into their group.
     GROUP CLOSE                    - Prevents others from joining your group or taking you into their group.
     GROUP {player}                 - Bring someone into your group.
     GROUP LEADER {player}          - Designates {player} as the new leader of the group.
     GROUP REMOVE {player}          - Removes {player} from the group.
     LEAVE                          - Leave a group that you are a member of.
     DISBAND                        - Disband a group that you are leading.
     JOIN {player}                  - Join somebody else's group.
     JOIN SET [OPTION]              - Shows or sets the JOIN verb options available.
     HOLD {player}                  - Bring someone into your group.
     HOLD SET [OPTION]              - Shows or sets the HOLD verb options available.

If you recently tried to join someone but their group was closed, they have a thirty second window in which they can hold you even if your own group is closed.

Likewise, if someone recently tried to hold you but your group was closed, you have a thirty second window in which you can join them -- even if their group is closed.

Group Hunting

Players partaking in group hunting may benefit from an increased treasure rate and shared experience. Many players opt to group up to complete common Adventurer's Guild tasks.

Sometimes a hunting group may contain characters who hunt via hiding and ambushing. This character should not be the leader of the group. This character should HIDE and STALK the group leader. With this setup, the hiding character will follow along and be ready to AMBUSH from hiding when appropriate.

Many players set their characters' SETTINGS so that only members of their group may search their kills.

Advanced melee group mechanics include the combat maneuvers Side by Side and Coup de Grace.

Group Spells

There are many spells and bardsongs that provide a benefit to groups. The three most common, Mass Blur, Mass Colors, and Mass Elemental Defense, are collectively referred to as mass spells, and remain active on the character after the character has left the caster's group. The other spells require players to remain in the same group as the caster and/or have training prerequisites to gain the group benefit.

Sharing Coins

Anyone in a group can SHARE {amount} to share silvers with his/her group. All group members with FLAG NOGROUPSHARE OFF will receive coins.

Simply specify how much to share and that amount will be divided evenly between those who are in your group.  You may also specify ALL.

JR>share 16180
You share 16180 silvers with your group.
You hand Person 8090 silvers.

J>share all
You share 8090 silvers with your group.
You hand Person 4045 silvers.
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