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This page contains formatting and style information for special types of articles not covered in the Style Guide.


In some cases, an article may have more than one reasonable name, for instance, "CS" and "Casting strength". In this case, you can use redirect pages to make both names go to the same article. To do this, pick the most canonical name ("Casting strength") and create the article there. Then create an article under the other name(s) ("CS") with the only text being "#REDIRECT [[Real article name]]". Then, if someone visits the other names, they'll automatically be sent to the canonical name.

Don't abuse this to make only vaguely related things go to the same article, though. Redirecting "Lock Mastery" to "Pick locks" or "Pickpocketing" to "Justice" would be a bad idea, but redirecting "Lockpicking" to "Pick locks" or "Combat maneuver list" to "Combat maneuvers" probably wouldn't be.

Front End Scripts

Scripts can be added to GSWiki following these guidelines:


Script articles should be named with a descriptive name for the script's function or content followed by the string "(script)". For example, you might name a script for traveling around the Elven Nations "Elven Nations travel (script)" or a script for getting deeds in the city of Ta'Illistim "Ta'Illistim deeds (script)".


The article should start with the script template as a header (see Template:Script for details) and be followed with the contents of the script file enclosed within the <pre> and </pre> HTML elements, which will preserve the formatting of the text (including white space and newlines.) Inclusion of the template will automatically add the article to Category:Scripts.

An example of how to format a script article:

<pre> # This is an example script.

if_1 goto %1% echo Syntax: .example {argument} exit

option1: echo This is option 1. exit

labelError: echo The option you entered was not valid. exit </pre>

Saved posts

Saved posts from the official GSIV forums should be on the subject's saved post page, which is a subpage of the main article (e.g. Spell Name (number)/saved posts) using the Saved Post Template (copy/paste code on the template page). Related saved posts should be grouped on the same page under a clear heading. The template will add the page to the Saved Posts category, and other applicable categories should be added as well if the saved post does not yet have an article page. If the main article already exists, there is no need to add it to any other category as all of the information from the saved post will be on the article page.

If not, information from the saved post should be integrated into the article page in the appropriate place, and any information it supersedes should be removed. The idea of the Wiki is to have updated articles, not a collection of saved posts to weed through. The saved posts are nice for reference, but it is more important to have updated articles.

If the saved post page is new, the page should be linked to from its article page, usually at the bottom in the Resources section. Since the saved posts are subpages, they are linked as such: *[[/saved posts|Saved posts]]

For saved posts that are logs and legendary items, do not use the saved post template or put (saved post(s)) in the article name. Instead, update to content to the appropriate article format (see the appropriate section for further information).

Legendary items

Legendary item pages can be made wholesale from a post without using the saved post template. Links to the original post are encouraged to be included in the Summary or within the article.

Examples with varying levels of detail and formatting:


Logs is the shorthand term for files containing a record of in-game events seen through the viewpoint of characters.

  • All log page titles should use the real year, not the Elanthian year, to help reduce confusion for other players. The content of log pages can reference either the real year or the Elanthian year.
  • All log page title dates should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • All log pages should begin with: This log is from the {storyline/event (page linked if applicable)} on {date} from the viewpoint of {character}.
  • Log page content can use headers to break up the length, have summaries, note characters involved, and otherwise be formatted however the poster would like. They can use the following code for consistency and ease of reading: <pre{{log2|border=none|font=arial}}> PASTE LOG HERE </pre> .
  • All logs should be categorized in [[Category: Logs]].

There are currently three different categories of logs with special rules for mainspace/subpage placement, categories, and article titles for the purposes of documenting events on the wiki: storyline logs, OOC meeting logs, and other logs.

Storyline Logs

Storyline logs should be tied to the storyline first by name, then by date. This mirrors standards in place for handling other logs, except that these should be set up as subpages to the storyline redirect page. Page naming standard should be as follows: Storyline redirect page name (storyline)/[Date] - [Title of Log, if applicable] (log)

It is on the contributor uploading the log to ensure the log is linked on the storyline catalog article space, and if done so, it must be under the Logs subheader. The storyline's category, as well as the log category, should be added to the log.

Storyline logs should additionally be categorized within the category or categories created specifically for that storyline. Only the storyline category, not the log, should be categorized into its relevant town storylines category (i.e. Wehnimer's Landing storylines), its relevant year (i.e. 2016 Storylines), and the [[Category: {Storyline}]] category.

OOC Meeting Logs

Page naming standard should be as follows:: [Date] - [Town Name or Subscription Type] - [Title of Log, if applicable] (log)

Other Logs

Other log page titles should be formatted like this: [Event Title, if applicable] - [Date] - [Title of Log, if applicable] (log). For example: Mist Harbor Library Lectures - 2022-01-30 - Ivas Provides (log)

Research Pages

Pages containing mechanical research data that is unconfirmed by GMs can be put on pages named "Research:{Research subject}". These pages will only be allowed in the Player Research category, but can be linked from the subject's article page(s) in the Resources section.

Moderation will be light on these pages.

Proposal Pages

Pages containing proposals of any form that players have created should be set up as subpages to the contributor's USER page. Moderation will be light on these pages.

Other Help Pages

Current Help pages are categorized here. These pages have been completed and/or updated since the site's move to