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The Herb Garden is a script prop that can be placed inside a private property by its owner. Once placed, it cannot be moved again, so you need to be certain that it is in the correct room before placing it. Any alterations to the pot's description must be done before it is placed. When placed, the Herb Garden will appear in the "You also see" line. Moving it from that line and onto/under/behind another prop that already exists in the room requires a separate Property Change Voucher for "Move a Room Item".

Herb Gardens come with a preset list of five herbs, which are compatible with the cooking system. Anyone can cycle through and pick herbs from it. They work similarly to Foraged Item Props.

Vouchers for Herb Gardens are sold at The Roof Over in Ebon Gate.


Herb Gardens are created via a voucher/certificate. All alterations to the final herb garden's appearance must be done before the voucher is redeemed (placed) by the private property owner. Alterations can be done by most GALD merchants.


You analyze the herb garden voucher and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
The voucher is designed to create an herb garden for your Private Property.  Any merchant can modify it.

It may only every hold non-magical herbs for culinary purposes.
You can have a maximum of 5 different herbs.

Once completely customized, take it to the location that you want it to reside in and DROP it.
This will allow it to become a permanent item.

Plant 1: a crooked sprig of thyme
Plant 2: a spear-shaped leaf of oregano
Plant 3: a shiny-lobed leaf of basil
Plant 4: a thin leaf of silvery green sage
Plant 5: a sprig of long-leafed rosemary

These plants will be able to be PLUCKED from a silver-lipped blue glass jar.

It has a SHOW description of:
Surrounded by a silver ring, the remnant of a past preservation seal, the blue glass jar is pot-bellied and wide.  Rich, dark brown soil flecked with mica fills the container to about the halfway point, while fragrant herbs sprout from the top in leafy profusion.  A small placard hung from the neck denotes the varieties inside as basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

It has a LONG description of:
a silver-lipped blue-tinged glass jar teaming with herbs

Any willing merchant can work on this for you.  It must always be some kind of flowering box.  Examples: an herb box, an herb-filled pot, a flowerbox, etc.

All culinary items must exist in the foraging system.  It is intended for herbs.

You are welcome to modify how the herb looks provided you don't change the noun.  For example: some thyme can now be a fragrant sprig of thyme, a sprig of fresh basil can be a wide leaf of basil, etc.


Verb First Third
DROP This section has not been added yet; please add to it now! This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
Permanently places the Herb Garden in the given room.
Only the private property owner can place the Herb Garden.

Herb Garden

The Herb Garden has five herbs that can be cycled through and picked by anyone. All five herbs are compatible with the cooking system.


This is an Herb Garden for Private Properties.

It has access to the following fluff verbs: exhale, pinch, and preen

You may also PLUCK an herb free or GAZE to cycle through the available herbs.

It looks like a sprig of violet-tinged rosemary is ready to be plucked.


Verb First Third
GAZE Gazing over the various offerings of the pot, you turn your eyes to a sprig of violet-tinged rosemary that is ready for plucking. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
PLUCK You carefully snip the end of a sprig of violet-tinged rosemary and pull it free of a ceramic pot dangling from a slim chain. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!

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Herb Garden Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Herb garden
Alterable Yes
Customizable Yes
Custom Plant descriptions
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate
Original Release Year 2022
Corresponding Item Scripts Private property
Restrictions Must always be some kind of flowering box. Herbs must keep their nouns.
Item Verbs