White alloy

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White alloy
Use Weapon, Armor, Shield
Bonus +20
ST/DU ?/?
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties Non-Corporeal Undead Bane, Holy
Primary Color Bright White
Dyeable No

White alloy was originally the failed attempt to create a cheap permanently blessed material. However, it was recently discovered that, when properly blended, this alloy is anathema to the cursed shades and undead spirits that haunt Elanthia. Undead spirits struck by a white alloy weapon take extra damage and are temporarily anchored to the mortal plane when slain. Undead spirits recoil from white alloy armor and shields, making it harder for them to damage those bearing such equipment.

White alloy is considered a magical metal and can be used to craft weapons, armor, and shields. However, it is unsuitable for bows, staves, claidhmores, and katanas. It has a natural enchantment of +20. It can not be dyed.

White alloy is a holy material, allowing it to naturally bypass undead damage resistance when wielded by a Cleric or Paladin; other professions will need to have it blessed to negate undead damage resistance. While blessed, it will always anchor non-corporeal undead, making their remains able to be searched. In addition, it is a non-corporeal undead bane, granting +8 damage weighting against those enemies. Finally, it has the unique ability that all attacks against non-corporeal undead have a 25% chance to treat the undead as corporeal.


Archived Information

White alloy is an extremely rare metal. Its innate material property is similar to undead bane but only for non-corporeal undead creatures, being damage weighted against them. It does NOT make the non-corporeal undead become corporeal. It does help with searching them however.

In the I.C.E. source books, white alloy was a combination of iron, carbon, and titanium. White alloy by itself had no magical properties.