House Lefante

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The House Lefante, headed by Patriarch Lefante, is one of the original smuggling families and is headquarted in the Warren. Though decimated during the ongoing Smuggling War, the House Lefante was not wiped out and remains as one of the two original smuggling families of River's Rest. House Lefante continued on equal footing with the other smuggling houses until an unsuccessful bid for power left them dominated by House DeRichter.

The Fall of House Lefante

Casler Huntington, who had risen to a position of second in command of the House Lefante, made plans to steal an Imperial barge. His plan was an attempt to raise funds for an army to defeat and eradicate the pirate houses and place control of the smuggling society of River's Rest back within the total power of the original smuggling families. To ensure the success of his plan, his crew consisted of the the finest of the Lefantes and other families. His attempt failed. This failure allowed the DeRichter House the opportunity they had been waiting for. They stepped in to fill the power void left, brutally crushing what opposition was left and assuming control of the River's Rest smuggling world.

Known members of House Lefante