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Casler Huntington was born to the noble Huntington family in the city of Fairport. In 5097, Casler arrived in River's Rest after being disowned by his father, Lord Camler, Master of the Wharf. The enterprising youth entered the smuggling world under the tutelage of the Lefante family. He rose quickly through the ranks to become the second in command. Through his ingenuity and ambition, Casler lead the Lefante’s to dominance over the other smuggling houses, shattered the uneasy balance of power since the first round of the Smuggling Wars of 5018.

In a bold move, in 5105, Casler attempted to raise an army to eradicate the pirate houses by using the proceeds from hijacking an imperial barge. The smugglers managed to take the vessel, but a violent storm pulled it an its crew to the bottom. Many of the best and brightest of the Lefante organization, including the son of the Patriarch Lefante and Casler himself.

Rumors of Casler returning to River's Rest brought Haniks Hallower, an imperial inspector to town in the summer of 5107. Prior to Haniks' arrival, Casler's name had been well known up and down the Western Sea among those in the smuggling trade. If he had succeeded at hijacking the Imperial barge, he would have been known to those in every trade, however, town residents were ignorant of Casler and his activities.

Casler returned to town in the summer of 5107 during a Krolvin attack and later planned a rescue of women and children taken in the attack, endearing him to some town residents. His return set off a new round of violence in the Smuggling Wars as he renewed his campaign to wrest control of smuggling operations from the pirate houses.

Casler was hanged until dead on Ivastaen 14, 5110.


From the posters, Casler is "a young man with short cropped hair and four distinctive thin parallel scars crossing his face." According to Cerianna Lefante, Casler got his scars in battle, defeating the DeRichters' best man who wore a glove of mithril claws. To quote Cerianna, "He got Casler across the face, Casler got him across the heart."

Casler Huntington's portrait

You see Casler Huntington the River Rat.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and appears to be in the bloom of youth. He has bright grey-green eyes and tanned skin. He has cropped, fine golden brown hair. He has a four thin white parallel scars across his face.
He is wearing a pair of thick leather boots, a pair of tight-fitting dark green leather pants, a small slashed leather pouch, a worn sleeveless leather tunic trimmed in dark blue stitching, a sturdy leather back scabbard, a low-slung canvas satchel, a crystal amulet, and a scuffed red leather cap.

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