Cerianna Lefante

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Caerrianne Lefante was the daughter of the head of House Lefante


You see Cerianna Lefante the River Rat.
She appears to be a Human from Torre.
She appears to be mature and average height.  She has sultry green eyes and fair skin.  She has shoulder length, fine dark brown hair worn in a single braid.  She has a classical nose and thin eyebrows.  She has full red lips and the letter "V" branded upon her left cheek.
She is holding a tankard of Winterberry Ale in her right hand.
She is wearing a simple golden locket, a sleeveless low-cut tan leather blouse, a small cobalt blue belt pouch, a rolaren lined dark leather bandolier, some tight-fitting dark leather pants laced up the sides with black thread, and some knee-high leather boots.


As the only surviving child of Patriarch Lefante who was the head of House Lefante, Cerianna had always been a loyal daughter, loving those approved by her father, and scorning those who were not. Never leaving the smuggler neighborhood for long, nor knowing many people beyond that close-knit community, Cerianna struggled within herself to reconcile Casler Huntington’s return and the changes it would bring to the River's Rest smuggling community. His failed attempt to steal the Imperial barge had high costs for Cerianna. She not only lost Casler, but also her brother and many other friends as well. Also, because of that event, House DeRichter gained control of the River’s Rest smuggling operations. The Warren became a place of too many eyes, too many lips, and above too many, a dark cloud of retribution from the DeRichters, thus changing the world Cerianna had known.

Initially, Cerianna hated Casler almost as much as Valons DeRichter who had had her branded as a sign of his power. Though she hinted at having feelings for Casler in the past, she feared Casler’s return more than welcomed it. Knowing that House Lefante was no longer the strongest of the smuggling families, she felt that Casler would insist on once again changing the current balance of power in the Warren. Her fears were well-founded when Casler began a one-man vigilante campaign against DeRichter thugs, leading to the appearance of Messers, a DeRichter lieutenant who looked to recruit new members.

Cerianna also dismissed the notion that Haniks Hallower, the Imperial Inquisitor posed any threat to Casler. In her opinion, Casler had more to worry from the DeRichters, than the Empire. Indeed, in a cruel twist of fate, the Imperial Inquisitor and House DeRichter joined forces in an attempt to force Casler to show himself. This evolved into a plot to kidnap Cerianna. Forewarned of this plot, many town residents loyal to Casler vowed to provide protection for Cerianna, however their attempts came to nothing as Messers and his hired thugs were successful in their kidnapping attempt. Though Haniks had specified Cerianna was not to be hurt, at some point after her kidnapping, she was poisoned and consequently died. Messers and Haniks were both later killed by Casler’s blade.

After an appropriate period of mourning, Cerianna was given a public funeral and buried in the River's Rest Graveyard. A simple white marble headstone was placed there commemorating her life.