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Illusion Pets are devices that allow the user to apply a "minor" ilusion to specific profession pets: animal companions, animates, demons, familiars, singing swords, and spirit servants. While the bones used to cast the illusion can be altered, the resulting illusion itself cannot be altered or customized. The illusions are also highly specific. For example, an illusion for a wizard cat familiar will only work on cat familiars and not other familiar types.

Illusion Pets are sold in the Ebon Gate shop Fancy Wishbones and were designed by GM Ivry and GM Wylloh.


You analyze the rose-painted bone and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

                                        Illusion Pets


        This rose-painted bone is permanently bound to nobody yet, and is set for Spirit Servant - Cockatrice.

          a chubby vert opaline baby cockatrice trailing gilded tailfeathers


               WAVE - 1st time use will link the bone permanently.
                      Afterwards, it can cast a temporary
                      illusion upon your acceptable "Profession Pets"
                      matching this bone's setting.
                                * Illusions are fragile and cannot
                                  be upheld during battle

               CLEAN - Clean the bone to remove the illusion cast upon
                       your summoned "Profession Pet" immediately.


         * Owner must only have ONE of the Profession Pet types summoned for the bone to work.
            Its the bound magic of a dead thing; it can't be relied upon when choosing which to
            aim for if its Master controls multiple Profession Pets. 

       Any willing merchant may alter the 15/15/15, add a LONG and/or add a SHOW of the bone ONLY,
       as long as the the noun and material remains "bone".  Must follow basic alter rules.

           Can usually be found in the shop "Fancy Wishbones" during Ebon Gate.

You get no sense of whether or not the bone may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
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Additional Information

Animal Companions

This device does not work on groomed (altered/customized) animal companions.


Illusions cast by this device do not prevent a sorcerer's demon from being recognized as a demon when in towns where demons are prohibited. It is also not possible to use both a sorcerer illusion and an Illusion Pets illusion on a demon at the same time.

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Illusion Pets Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Bone
Alterable Yes
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate
Original Release Year 2023
Restrictions Can alter the bone device ONLY.
Item Verbs