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Posted by GRELF99 22 December 2002

An Interview with Harith, The Whip of Mularos - Dated The Eighth Day of Eorgaen, 5102

In the first of a series entitled "The Women of The Dark Alliance," our interviewer has secured a session with Whip of Mularos, Harith Caerines.

Having contacted Harith by means of amulet, I convinced her to do me the favor of allowing me to interview her. Of course, the interview occurred with me sitting my usual table at Hagath's Tavern, and The Whip? Well, wherever she is.

For ease of reading, you can assume all my questions where directly sent to Harith over the amulet waves, while her responses were hear directly within my mind. Needless to say, this was the most interesting interview I've ever done, or, will ever do.

Interviewer: What is your Formal Title and Name?

Harith: My formal title is the Whip of Mularos. My formal name is Harith Caerines. I claim no other titles, for that one alone is more glory to me than most will taste in a lifetime.

Interviewer: First and foremost of course, how is the occupation of Ta'Illistim going?

Harith: The wishes of the Alliance with regards to the conquered city of Ta'Illistim are being carried out. The city varies erratically between dissident and obedient... but it is all within Mularos's will, and all within mine. The Alliance is pleased.

Interviewer: What are the current root goals of the Alliance, in regards to the Elven Nations?

Harith: The root goals of the Alliance... I am the Whip of Mularos, and not His chosen priest. It would be inappropriate for me to speak to the will of Eryael, or to the will of others of the Alliance whose commands I must obey. I submit, and I dominate, as is my nature.

Interviewer: Do you plan to occupy Ta'Illistim indefinitely, or only until you find the sword piece?

Harith: Like the final will of the Alliance, I cannot speak to that. I can say that, if the siege is lifted by command, I personally will not forget those who have knelt to me, and those who have done well by the Alliance. The will of Mularos is paramount. The minds that cringe beneath my blow are a sacrifice to Him... but there are other sacrifices that may be made. It is all in His name.

Interviewer: Where does your power to control the amulet waves come from? This was previously thought impossible?

Harith: It is my Gift, by my suffering, my sacrifice, and His will. Those that can touch can give again, and those who sacrifice most deeply can control most fully as well... for what I am, you are, if I choose to make you so.

[Interviewers Note: At this point The Whip had to excuse herself to deal with some matters of concern. She returned shortly, having resolved whatever issues were at hand.]

Interviewer: What of your background can you share with the readers of the Journal?

[Interviewers Note: Immediately after this question was asked, there was a ferocious growl within my mind, thankfully not directed towards me, and Harith left again, only to return a number of minutes later.]

Harith: Those who have known great suffering... in time, some learn to embrace it. In further time, some learn to transcend it and to deal as they have been dealt... to wield in ways they never dreamed possible, but in ways which are second nature... a gift of Mularos. What I was before -- matters not. What I am now is all that matters, and what I have become is all that interests me beyond the will of my Lord and dominator.

Interviewer: There are those who are interested in your physical appearance. Is it permitted to ask?

Harith: An interesting request. How to best show you, that is the question... a moment, abide...

[Interviewers Note: At this point, The Whip directed this interviewer to obtain a mirror. Not being of the vain Dark Elven type, he had to borrow one from Lady Alisaire. After gazing into the mirror, the interviewer looked upon the Whip of Mularos, Harith Caerines. What he saw, is sketched below for your perusal.]

You see a sketch of a mirror. Within the mirror is framed a mature female human, but one terribly transformed by the vicious scars that contort her exposed alabaster skin. Her eyes are pale grey, and her chin-length hair is sandy blond and braided. The hood of her grey cloak casts a brooding shadow over her features, while a white spidersilk tunic hides her skin -- except for the jagged rents torn through the spidersilk, which are bloodstained around the edges, and the deep welts you see through those gaps in the cloth. Her face is broad, her nose is aquiline, and, as the mirror tilts slightly, you glimpse a barbed razern chain bracelet wrapped about her slender wrist. Scarlet blood streams silently from beneath the bracelet, flowing down her elbow and out of sight.

Interviewer: The block you placed into Charna's mind, she wants to know what she has to do to remove it. Or, as she put it, "Could she just remove it??

[Interviewers note: At this point, a vision of Charna, and whispered words to her, "Consider this your last warning before you are permanently crippled." Was placed within the interviewers head.]

Harith: Can she just remove it'... of course not. If she could, why would I bother to place it there?

Interviewer: I think she meant for you to remove it

Harith: When she surrenders, I will heal her. Not before

At this point, the interviewer thanked Harith for her time, and Harith bade him to attach this last message, to be read by the inhabitants of Ta'Illistim.

"Remind the city of Ta'Illistim who controls it. Too many forget too quickly, and, as joyous as it is to wield the lash, it is annoying when it catches them off guard."

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