Harith Caerines

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Harith Caerines, the Whip of Mularos

Harith, as rendered by EK.

Harith was an NPC of the Dark Alliance during the Griffin Sword War. She was a devout follower of Mularos and styled herself as the Whip of Mularos. As a psion, or mentalist, she took control of the minds and amunet of those living in Ta'Illistim. She was hunted and killed by the Golden Hawks, a legion of the Vaalorian army. Her soul was pulled back from The Pale and she was resurrected in the form of a banshee. In this state, she was unable to feel pain, which was the source of her power. Harith was killed for good some months later during a failed ritual to make her flesh corporeal.


During life:

You see Harith Caerines the Mularosian Whip.
She appears to be mature and taller than average. She has brooding pale grey eyes and alabaster skin. She has chin length, braided sandy blonde hair. She has a broad face, an aquiline nose and slender wrists.
She has painfully deep scars carved into most of her exposed skin.
She has some minor cuts and bruises on her right arm.
She is wearing a hooded pale grey spidersilk cloak hemmed with embroidered hawthorn twigs, a ragged white spidersilk tunic, a narrow black leather cord belt, a barbed razern chain bracelet, and a pair of black ankle-tie sandals.

In undeath:

You see Harith Caerines the Banshee.
She appears to have one foot in the grave and the other in Luukos's maw -- she is clearly far beyond dead. She has dark scarlet flames dancing in her blood-rimmed eyesockets in place of eyes and shriveled ash-grey skin. She has a few braids of chin-length, wavy sandy blonde hair still clinging to her rotting scalp. She has a barbed razern chain bracelet fused into the exposed bone of her slender right wrist. From moment to moment, parts of her body dissolve out of existence and then fade back into view.
She is wearing a tattered grey spidersilk cloak marred with dark bloodstains, a narrow black leather cord belt, and a ragged grey spidersilk tunic.

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