Mental Lore, Telepathy

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Mental Lore, Telepathy affects Mental sphere magic involving thought and emotion-afflicting spells.

Telepathic Lore affects several Bard Base Spells and Empath Base Spells, and likely in future will play a part in spells in the Major Mental list, Minor Mental list and Savant Base list.

It also provides a bonus to monks' ability to apply Mystic Tattoos to other characters, equal to skill bonus.

Bard Base

  • All renewable songs
Each rank of this lore increases the duration of your song time by two seconds, decreasing the frequency of needing to renew your songs.
Ranks in this lore increase the group's AS bonus provided by this song. This increase, unlike the increase for additional songs known, does not come with a corresponding increase in mana cost.
Ranks in this lore increase the bard's chance to use this song to produce a minor sanctuary effect (when faced with obstacles such as creatures) and increases the sanctuary's resistance to interference.
Ranks in ML:Telepathy increase the slowing effect and the TD pushdown of this song. The target suffers an additional second of added roundtime at the following numbers of ranks: 10, 25, 45, 75, 100.
Ranks in this lore increase the maximum level of rage that can potentially be caused by this song. The increase is one level of rage at 5 ranks, two levels of rage at 15 ranks, three levels of rage at 30 ranks, and four levels of rage at 50 ranks.
Ranks of Telepathy increase the duration of this song; the increase is 1 second per rank for the first twenty ranks, and 1 second per two ranks for additional ranks, to a maximum of 60 extra seconds at 100 ranks.
The effectiveness of this song at removing stuns, immobility and webs is increased by training in this lore. The chance of removal of such effects is normally 90% - 3% per second remaining in the effect's duration, with a minimum of 10%. Ranks of Telepathy add to this chance on a summation chart, seed 1.

Empath Base

The effectiveness of this attack spell, as well as its chance to immobilize or instantly kill its target, increases with study in this lore.
Training in this lore will provide additional CS-based attack cycles for this spell at the following thresholds: 5 ranks, 20 ranks, 40 ranks, 65 ranks, and 100 ranks.
Training in Telepathy increases the base 50% chance to propagate damage between the linked creatures by 2% per seed 1 summation of ranks. It also provides a chance of skill bonus/5 to overload a link and cause electrical damage to all linked creatures.
Training in ML:Telepathy is necessary to affect the undead with this spell. A minimum of half the targeted undead's level in ranks is necessary to have a chance to affect it; having at least the targeted undead's level in ranks will guarantee effectiveness if the warding succeeds.

Minor Mental

At 25 ranks, the ability to remove existing sheer fear from a target (and self-cast) is unlocked. In addition, 25 ranks will grant the target immunity to sheer fear for 30 seconds.
Training in this lore confers a bonus to the caster's Influence at a rate of +1 base stat for every 10 ranks of lore.
Training in this lore will increase the caster's ability to manipulate the target into attacking the target's allies more frequently. Every 20 skill increases the chance to cause the creature to not attack by 1%, to attack other creatures by 1%, and decreases its chance to attack normally by 2% (over their base values of 33%, 33%, and 34%, respectively.)
Training in this lore will further decrease the stamina activation cost for monks and his/her group members. The bonus is a 5% reduction per (skill/10) using seed 3 of the summation chart.
Training in this lore will further increase the generation rate for sentient creatures in the area. Base is +2 increased by +1 per 15 ranks.