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Jaynah Ranhu Blightstruck was a human Ranger from the County of Torre, wife of Railien Blightstruck, and citizen of River's Rest.

Jaynah was born and raised in River's Rest as part of the Ranhu family, where she learned the skills of a ranger. In her twenties, she ventured to Wehnimer's Landing and took to spending time in a tree house in the center of the town's square. It was there that she first met Railien Blightstruck, a Half-elf and ranger like herself. Railien introduced himself by rescuing Jaynah from a mock marriage, and stealing her away into the woods.

It was only later that the two became a couple after Railien won Jaynah's heart with a story of a hunter endlessly pursuing a beautiful woman in the form of a fleeing hart. It was at the beginning of this courtship that Jaynah changed Railien's life forever, by convincing him to return with her to her home of River's Rest. As Jaynah believed, her future husband fell in love with the town, and it was there in the watch tower over looking the town and Tempest River, that Railien proposed to her. The couple wedded soon after.

Approximately a year after their marriage, Jaynah gave birth to a son named Torren Blightstruck.

Oteska's Marsh

Jaynah also played an unintended role in the re-discovery of Oteska's Marsh. In 5101, a Krolvin force attacked River's Rest, intent on enslaving its inhabitants. It was in this attack that the Krolvin inadvertently blew up the magical portal to Wehnimer's Landing. However, Jaynah was among those who were captured and locked in a pen upon a Krolvin carrack as it sailed out of Maelstrom Bay. As luck had it, the ship grounded, and the pen door was flung open allowing its inhabitants to fight for their freedom. Freedom gained, Jaynah and the others disembarked on the north side of Maelstrom Bay, land unfamiliar to them as well as many others.

In her attempt to return to the town, Jaynah wandered through a misty bog and into the ruins of Oteska's Marsh, an old smuggling and pirate community that had been overrun by monsters connected to Syssanis decades earlier. It was there that she discovered the shrine to Niima, a sanctuary in the midsts of the darkened bog. Un willing to remain in the safety of the shrine, Jaynah departed again, intent on reuniting with her husband, whom she encountered halfway back to town. Later on, Jaynah received from her husband a bound shattered Niima medallion, believed to have belonged to the last priest of the shrine.

Jaynah's Appearance

You see Jaynah Blightstruck the Fortuneer.
She appears to be a Human from Torre.
She appears to be mature and tall. She has delicately arched eyebrows that beautifully frame her sea green eyes and fair skin. She has long, silken deep chestnut hair tempered with traces of a golden honey-hue that falls in soft waves past the small of her back. She has a freckled nose and high cheekbones.
She has a thorny rose tattoo on her wrist, and an oak leaf tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a bronze leaf-shaped locket, a sage green suede cloak, an antique silver armband, a low-cut willow green bodice, a blood-red thorned rose stickpin, an embroidered green silk scarf, a shattered Niima medallion, an ancient yew long bow, a vine-stitched sage doeskin haversack, some vultite banded leather brigandine, a sigil-etched leather bracer, a white vultite wedding band, a dainty gold and silver waistchain, a weathered leather map case, a leaf-embossed brown leather kit, a belt quiver, a patchwork tan leather skirt, and some muddy stalking boots.

The Medallion

a shattered Niima medallion
Imflass wire binds the pieces of this shattered, silver medallion together. Faint traces of claw marks are discernible over what originally was an engraving of a beautiful, young woman standing among the ocean waves, her hand upon a cresting dolphin. On the back of the medallion a barely legible inscription survives, "For service to our Lady Niima, Oteska's Haven, 5006." A slight dullness suggests that the medallion has endured prolonged exposure to the elements.