Jillers Trotrambo

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Jillers Trotrambo was a dwarf and member of the Fortuneers.

When the Fortuneer expedition first arrived in River's Rest, Jillers was second only to Tempton Sinklair in rank. After the mission moved from the Torre town to a base camp in Solhaven, members of the Fortuneers were murdered one after another. In the end, the killer turned out to be Jillers, under the mind control of Sankir the Bloodfist. As a last resort, Jillers was turned to stone by Drivel Sinklair until a cure for the mind control was gained. A lady gnome later fell in love with Jillers.


Fortuneer Jillers Trotambo. He appears to be a Dwarf. 
He appears to be very young and shorter than average. He has sparkling amber eyes and copper skin. He has raggedly cut, frizzy chestnut hair worn in elaborate braids. He has a ruddy face, a bulbous nose and a grizzled beard. 
He is in good shape. 
He is holding a sea-scoured mossy rolaren cutlass with a human skull pommel in his right hand. 
He is wearing a dusty pair of steel-toed hide boots, some heavy dirt-stained pantaloons with thickly stitched leg pockets, a tattered green goatskin pouch, a twisted red salamander skin sheath, a sleek suit of bone-studded brigandine, a tool-strung blue expedition backpack, a rust-tinted hooded eelskin windcloak, a gleaming ten pointed rolaren badge, and a diamond studded mithril shield.