Jineve's Cookery

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Jineve's Cookery is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in Western Harbor.

[Jineve's Cookery]
Framed by two windows, the front door is painted a deep navy blue and has hinges of wrought iron that are plated with decorative scrollwork. A large display case crafted of steel and glass displays a variety of local fishes, neatly filleted for convenience, while a plethora of sea grass baskets house a mixture of cooking aids. An archway leads through the store to the backyard, its opening allowing the scent of cooking fish to drift inside.


In the case you see:

a thin fillet of trout 200
a raw fillet of red snapper 200
a thin strip of raw eel 200
a small raw tuna roll 35
a short fillet of lionfish 200
a bright yellow lemon wedge 15
a wedge of blood orange 15

In the baskets you see:

a slender oak-handled fillet knife dagger 150
a slender cedar-handled knife dagger 150
an oiled pine cutting board 125
a packet of coarse sea salt 25
a packet of ground thyme 25
a packet of dried rosemary 25
a packet of crushed tarragon 25