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Kai's Blessing weapons were originally released by GM Krylan and were updated by Wyrom in 2019.

There is one known permanent Kai's blessing weapon that was released during Duskruin in February of 2019

Morning Star

an ivory-hafted morning star

You see a small crimson fist etched on the morning star (inactive)
You see that an intense crimson glow surrounds the morning star (activated)
6x Enchant
Sanctified when active (see below)

Item Scripts

TAP-Activate You tap your star and a crimson aura slowly surrounds it (activates the flares and makes the weapon sanctified)
TAP-Deactivate You tap your star and the aura surrounding it slowly dissipates. (deactivates the flares and removes the sanctified state of the weapon)
RAISE- When Active You raise your star skyward and a crimson light bathes down upon you
WAVE- When Active A crimson aura flickers behind your star as you wave it about.
Ambient The aura surrounding your morning star flickers noticably.
The aura surrounding your morning star visibly pulsates.


Kai's Blessing weapons only flare when they are activated via the Tap verb, and the flare strength of the weapon increases the longer the weapon is left activated. Tapping the weapon again or stowing it deactivates the weapon and resets the timer.

The weapons originally came in two forms: temporary and permanent. The temporary weapons had one of the flare types below, which would eventually wear off. The permanent versions had all of the flare types below and could be identified by the "intense crimson glow" when activated.

XXX shields his eyes as the aura surrounding your star pulsates brilliantly! This flare effect puts the target into round time. The amount of round time inflicted is generally between 10-30 seconds
A dazzling array of light leaps from your star's aura, stunning XXX! This flare inflicts both round time and the stun condition. The round time inflicted from this flare can be much greater than that of the previous flare. Up to 60 seconds has been observed.
Your star's aura relentlessly swirls about XXX! This flare forces the target into stance offensive for a significant amount of time
Your star's aura lashes out at XXX, allowing another strike! This messaging allows for a double strike, in the same manner as coraesine
Your star's aura flares outward knocking XXX to the ground! This flare inflicts the prone condition on the target
The aura surrounding your star shimmers briefly! This indicates a flare failure- either because the target has a condition that prevents the flare's effect, or due to the inherent 2% chance of failure each flare has