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Karma Armor is leather armor that has a chance to absorb some damage from specific types of incoming attacks, store that absorbed energy, and then use the accumulated energy to discharge a single-target attack. It debuted at the February 2020 Duskruin run and was sold at What Goes Around. After it was retired, unlocks for it have been sold at Duskruin's shop Certifiable.

Karma Armor must remain crafted out of soft leather.

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You analyze the stained tunic and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This is Karma Armor... and damage done unto you will occasionally be done unto others!

Your armor can potentially be unlocked to a total of seven damage types (fire, cold, electricity, vibration, pierce, crush, and slash). Your armor is currently set up to potentially absorb:

... and that's all.

You can {WHISPER tunic INFO} to view all the information for your current setting.

You can also WHISPER to your tunic to set it to an outgoing damage type. For example, you can: {WHISPER tunic FIRE}, and your tunic will switch to fire mode. In this example, you would then be able to expel the accumulated fire damage in a single strike of pure force (note that it will not assign FIRE damage, just pure force). There is no capability to 'hold back' your strike and do less damage, or to discharge at more than one target. If you attempt to set your tunic to absorb a damage type it is unable to handle, the tunic will remain inert. Also, this tunic will only interact with creatures, which is to say that it will not absorb or discharge any damage that is not created by or directed at a creature.

Your armor can discharge 1 times before needing to recharge. Recharging takes 24 hours.


Verb First Third
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Karma Armor has an {A}% chance to "absorb" an incoming attack, depending on what type of attack it is. On a successful "absorption", the Karma Armor will absorb {B}% of the total damage and store it. The armor has a maximum capacity of {C}. {D} times a day, the Armor can "discharge" stored damage in a single-target attack, utilizing SMR2 weighted somewhat in the player's favor.

Each of the variables contained in brackets above can be unlocked to higher values, through the use of unlock waivers.

{A}, {B}, and {C} are all damage type-specific. This means that each damage type is handled completely separately, and can (and likely will) have different values for each of those fields.

{A}% chance to absorb - Off the shelf, this is 1%. Unlock certs each grant +1%, with a maximum possible of 10%. This means that there is the potential for a 10% chance to completely nullify an incoming attack of a particular damage type, when fully unlocked.

{B}% of total damage absorbed - Off the shelf, this is 5%. Unlock certs each grant +5%, with a maximum possible of 95%.

{C} - Off the shelf, this is set to 1000 damage. Unlock certs each grant +100 damage, with a maximum possible of 9900 total damage capacity.

{D} - Off the shelf, this is set to 1x/Day. Unlock certs each grant another 1x/day.

Additional Information

Karma Armor Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Armor
Item(s) Applied to Armor
Alterable Yes
Original Release Venue Duskruin
Original Release Year 2020
How to Unlock Certificate
Restrictions Must remain leather armor.
Item Verbs