Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-05-20 - Reannah and Rodnay's Caretakers (log)

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Ivastaen 20, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Dennet asked Subarashi for help with taking care of Rodnay, who might or might not still be alive. Subarashi agreed.
  • Hapenlok and Emindala requested that more than one person be allowed to see Rodnay. Dennet said he would consider it.


Rodnay and Subarashi

[Outpost, Outer Courtyard]

Guards flank the outpost's second portcullis, the entryway into the interior of the Hendoran's compound. Both soldiers clutch halberds and gaze directly forward from under polished helms. The inner wall, built of stone, looms up over the entryway with arrow slits running the length of the visible wall. You also see a stone bench.

Dennet says, "Grand evening."

Dennet says, "I am sorry to keep you waiting."

Dennet says, "I shall not keep you long, so I will get right to it."

Dennet says, "I have been privy to something for awhile, and I believe after last night's occurrence, it is imperative I offer full transparency, as we are truly allies in this matter." (last night's occurrence being that mages from the Hall were experiencing exploding heads)

Dennet says, "When Prelate Chaston Griffin unleashed the golden fire on Talador, turning the entire region into a wasteland now known as the Bleaklands, the Hall of Mages dispatched myself, and some of my colleagues, to help observe and assess the area, for what could arguably be the New Toullaire....or Wizardwaste."

Dennet says, "In some of our initial ventures, of which we intend to do many more with your accompaniment....we discovered a creature among the remnants of Talador."

Dennet says, "The boy Ithzir child, Rodnay."

Dennet says, "We have not yet been able to decipher if he is alive, or dead, but ripples of his mind and power still carry on. As was witnessed last evening."

Dennet says, "When many of you suffered, and many of my own here in the Outpost were attacked and died."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Where is he?"

Puptilian says, "He is a citzen of the Landing, and one that should be taken care of by the town."

Dennet says, "The boy is in my protection, for all of our sakes. He has been for awhile."

Dennet says, "I had suspected you might be so bold in that claim."

Dennet says, "However, you also rejected him not too long ago, refusing to even allow him residence in your town walls."

Dennet says, "But alas, history has a way of changing to fit one's agenda."

Puptilian says, "No never rejected him, just kept him from town proper to protect him and us. That said we still considered him part of the town."

Dennet says, "We believe the current danger from the boy is under control now, according to Quinshon."

Puptilian says, "And have worked to help him with his powers."

Dennet says, "And kept from town proper he is."

Dennet says, "I am glad we agree."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Where are you keeping him?"

Deckits says, "Aahh.. so that's why you brought in Quinshon.."

Dennet says, "It is one of the reasons, yes."

Dennet says, "The boy is secured, in what we believe is the safest means possible."

Dennet says, "Now, a few other matters to bring up, some in relation to this."

Dennet says, "In an effort to help foster coordinated efforts, I would like to officially invite Subarashi to aid in the observation and care of the boy."

Dennet says, "I understand you are of Talador, and have suffered."

Dennet says, "I do not envy your loss."

Subarashi says, "Yes, and I'd be happy to help."

Dennet says, "But your devotion to Oleani, and your knowledge of Talador, and the wounds you carry but the compassion you still show, I think find you a fitting ally in this endeavor."

Dennet asks, "Do you accept?"

Subarashi says, "Of course."**

Dennet says, "Excellent."

Dennet says, "We will discuss it more in details in the coming days."

Dennet says, "That way, we are truly ensuring both of our people are protected from the boy, while doing what is in the best interest."

Larsya and Reannah with Shinann and Leafiara

Dennet says, "And for another matter..." Dennet says, "In relation to aid..."

Dennet asks, "Do many of you recall Lady Larsya?"

Dennet says, "The Baron has not yet returned, or dispatched his son, as he had promised at the end of the Chaston War."

Dennet says, "My soldiers are not the...most comforting of sorts."

Dennet says, "So in the interim, I would like to invite Shinann, Leafiara, and Sareyna to help in the care of Lady Larsya, and furthermore, my wife, Lady Reannah."

Dennet says, "I would be naive to not recognize an air of..."

Dennet says, "Distrust still lingers between the town and my operations here."

Dennet says, "We are both weaker, if such remains."

Dennet says, "Often times, the withholding of information is not malicious, but logical."

Lornieh huskily asks, "Then what's to say he won't continue to be a danger?"

Dennet asks, "The boy?"

Dennet says, "There is no guarantee."

Dennet says, "There is no guarantee he is anymore a danger than you...or I."

Dennet says, "However, here, is the most secure place to keep him until we can decide otherwise."

Dennet says, "Wehnimer's Landing is notorious for many things. Keeping dangerous people secure is not one of them."

Dennet asks, "Then you will accept my invitation?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Shinann.

Dennet peers quizzically at Leafiara.

Shinann nods at Dennet.

Dennet nods.

Speaking to Dennet, Leafiara agrees, "I will, yes."

Leafiara nods at Dennet.

Dennet says, "Excellent."

Dennet says, "Just one more step in continued cooperation."

Questions on Rodnay

Dennet asks, "Now then, questions?"

Dennet says, "I had hoped the Mayor would have had some luck."

Speaking to Dennet, Evia asks, "Why did you could not be certain whether Rodnay is alive or dead, and where is he? Here?"

Dennet says, "Here, yes."

Dennet says, "His mind is clearly powerful. It is possible, he is alive, but it is also possible he has died, but his body still lives on currently, and his mind has echoes being projected."

Puptilian says, "Oh the usual. How is the search for the murderer of that little girl, the search for Sir Michol, etc."

Speaking to Dennet, Evia says, "Is his development or apparent age about the same as it was? He had accelerated at one point."

Dennet says, "The boy remains as we discovered him, age wise."

Dennet says, "At least in appearance."

Dennet says, "The murder of your town's girl? You still have nothing on that? I wish I could be of more service."

Dennet says, "Sir Michol, we've no news either."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Is your guest still here? Quinshon?"

Dennet says, "Thadston, well, last I heard, he was on a witch hunt. Pun intended."

Speaking to Dennet, Krampton asks, "The music shop's daughter, her skin basically boiled off of her body. Last night in the Tome area with the books I could feel my skin getting rather high in temperature, do you think those 2 occurrences could be comingfrom the same source?" (well... her niece, not her daughter)

Speaking to Dennet, Evia asks, "Have you any inclination or insights into what caused, what we might describe as Rodnay's sudden flair up? Could it be related to your bit of Ithizir material?"

Dennet says, "It is possible, that Rodnay was the source of the infliction that befell the young girl."

Dennet says, "It's quite possible, all of these things we are left pondering, tie to the boy."

Dennet says, "Which further solidifies my point."

Dennet says, "And our need for transparency."

Speaking to Dennet, Subarashi says, "The voices we've been hearing. Tehiri, common, Ithzir, that all makes sense."

Larsya and Reannah with Sareyna

Sareyna just arrived.

Dennet exclaims, "Ah!"

Dennet says, "You arrived."

Dennet says, "I do not know the details of Quinshon's dealings. One does not always pause to ask the smith how he forges, but merely wishes to appreciate the final product."

Dennet says, "Sareyna, I had wished your aid in helping to care for my wife, Reannah, and also Lady Larsya."

Dennet says, "Shinann and Leafiara have also accepted my request."

Sareyna says, "It would be my honour grand magister."

Back to Rodnay

Dennet says, "It is possible, yes."

Dennet says, "That the artifact caused a flare up."

Dennet says, "In truth, the artifact was retrieved to help better observe the boy."

Dennet says, "Perhaps it had an opposite effect, we shall see."

Dennet says, "Thank you for listening this evening. I am glad we are finally all aware."

Dennet says, "I had hoped to inform you of the matter under better circumstances."

Dennet says, "We came into his possession before I even arrived here."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "How is the Lady Naimorai?"

Dennet says, "I hadn't thought to read over an inventory ledger of all of my collection."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok asks, "The Mayor may wish to observe the care of Rodnay, would you permit him or any one he chooses as observer to accompany Subarashi?"

Dennet says, "I would permit a discussion."

Dennet says, "Naimorai is well, thank you for asking."

Speaking softly to Dennet, Emindala says, "I would like to see the child myself, if that would be possible."

Dennet asks, "The blue child?"

Dennet says, "I will consider such."

Speaking to Dennet, Goldstr asks, "All blue or still blue veined now?"

Emindala softly says, "I would like to see for myself how he is being treated, and how he . . .exists."

Dennet says, "All blue."

Goldstr says, "Ahh."

Evia says, "I cannot imagine how it would help Rodnay to have this throng of gawkers descend upon him."

Dennet says, "No, I will not bring him out here as if on display."

Dennet says, "Any further questions? I do not wish to keep you."

Dennet exclaims, "Grand evening to you all then!"

Speaking to Dennet, Evia asks, "Drandea is well?"

Speaking quietly to Dennet, Pukk asks, "How is Drandea?"

Dennet says, "Old."

Dennet traces a series of glowing runes while chanting an arcane phrase...

Dennet gestures.

Dennet suddenly disappears.