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Storyline Return to Sunder
Keeping Up With the Kestrels
North by Northwest
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing

Rodnay was once an orphan at the Wellington Home in Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Rodnay.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short.  He appears to be youthful.  He has pupil-less green eyes and blue skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a round face and a small nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a neat flaxen robe, a sprig of lavender, a small brown pack, a small dirty cloth pouch, some roan samite leggings, a pair of flaxen socks, and some slouched black leather boots.

January 19th, 2024. (Appearing from the Moon Chamber on the Reach)

You see Rodnay.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short.  He appears to be youthful.  He has pupil-less green eyes and blue skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a round face and a small nose.  Several fresh burns cover his arms, legs and neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a sprig of lavender, and a flowing robe of ethereal pale green light.


In the summer of 5116, Rodnay and several other orphans were abducted by Ithzir who were slowly invading the environs of Wehnimer's Landing via a portal near Melgorehn's Reach. The children were later discovered in the graveyard inside of yellow cocoons, where blue veins had begun to form on their skin. Only three children survived. Two girls, and Rodnay. Rodnay began to demonstrate strange powers, and mature actions, words, even growing more cold and calculating. He began to take on the visage of an Ithzir, and aged more and more. The two girls did not survive, but Rodnay did in the end.

After the Ithzir were defeated, Rodnay was given residence in Willow Hall. Later, he would help the adventurers of Wehnimer's Landing to enter Chaston Griffin's mind to help free hundreds of people from the golden-eyed madman's thrall. In the final battle in Talador, Rodnay was seen helping to teleport the fallen heroes out of Talador to be tended to by healers and clerics. In the end, when Chaston activated his golden baptism of fire, Rodnay was presumed to be engulfed in the same destructive power that turned Talador into the Bleaklands.

During Keeping up with the Kestrels, Dennet Kestrel of the Hall of Mages claims to have found Rodnay in the wastelands of Talador, when the Hall of Mages did some initial investigations there. He has Rodnay protected in the Hendoran Outpost, as he determines if the boy is alive or dead, or any danger to any. Shinann and [[::Kayse (prime)|Kayse]] end up communicating with Rodnay one night via drops of water. Rodnay ends up showing them a vision of where he is kept, but it is a room neither of them have seen before.

Many are concerned for Rodnay's well-being and wanting to broker deals for his safe return. Dennet eventually, makes good on his word, and escorts Subarashi down beneath the Hendoran Outpost to visit Rodnay in the magical coffin like he had promised. Dennet left for awhile, and when others were in the presence of Rodnay, the boy seemed to come alive, his mind revealing memories of many present, and kept showing off an amethyst light. In time, he became erratic, and Quinshon arrived and quieted Rodnay and told those gathered they needed to leave.

Dennet does confirm when asked that he is indeed willing to trade Rodnay for the cache of stolen plinite the Rooks took months before from the Hall of Mages, and he would like to avoid bloodshed. Not long after, Rodnay reached out to Kayse's mind and warned her that someone was intending to kill him and he wished to live. Kayse makes it her mission to rescue Rodnay and after following a clue from Jellybeard, gets in contact with someone named "the Arbiter" who turns out to be Stephos DeArcheron.

Stephos agrees to steal the plinite from Rysus and give it to Kayse for Rodnay's safe return if she can convince Mayor Cruxophim to pardon him and his wife, Alendrial. Mayor Cruxophim pardons the DeArchons, and rumor of such spreads quickly. A brick etched with the word "Traitor" is thrown through his office window, perhaps signaling the first sign of unrest.

The exchange between Mayor Cruxophim and Grand Magister Dennet (mediated by Kayse, as per their own agreement) goes off without a hitch, save for one minor snag... when Rodnay is released from the bane coffin, it is revealed that Maylan has conspired with the Rooks to murder Rodnay during this most vulnerable moment; however, Rodnay makes short work of the would-be assassins, sending a wall of arrows flying toward Maylan that stops just short of perforating her beyond all recognition. After Rodnay collapses, Kayse and a few others then sequester him in a more private location, where he can recuperate for some time.

Rodnay is aware that Dennet possesses a "Talon" which Quinshon wants, but he (Rodnay) doesn't know what it is. Rodnay seeks help to go to the Swale, where he'll be able to read the minds of five members of the Hall to learn what the Talon is, so long as Raelee can get him there and Landing adventurers will protect him. Raelee requests that Rodnay let her speak with them first, but (at least unless I missed it) Rodnay neither agrees nor refuses her. Rodnay stresses that he does not want the Talon for himself, but that getting it will be a measure of prevention from Dennet or Quinshon doing whatever it is they're working toward.

Grand Magister Octaven comes to Wehnimer's Landing to capture Rodnay, but Mayor Cruxophim refuses to hand him over. Octaven's golems attack the town and a mysterious fog rolls in that hinders Rodnay's powers. Rodnay eventually comes to the rescue and helps the town pushing back the invaders.

End of 5117, Rodnay indicates he needs to leave to Melgorehn's Reach and has been up there ever since.

In the fall of 5122, Rodnay freezes the imperial encampment in time and speaks to adventurers. He threatens to make the settlers go home and starts to mind control one to walk off. Rodnay makes it very clear he does not want them on the Reach and also says there are brambles guarding their minds.