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Khortal was a Bloodmaster in the Krolvin army that attacked Teras Isle and later occupied River's Rest in 5103. He served under Sankir the Bloodfist until his death at the hands of Airn and Colgan, Half-krolvin seeking vengeance of Sankir.

Behind the Scenes

Khortal's Appearance

You see Khortal the Krolvin Bloodmaster.
The Bloodmaster has a vaguely ape-like appearance. It has long dexterous fingers capped by long nails. Its skin is a grayish-blue and it has thick white hair covering its head and spreading across its shoulders and down its back.
He is holding a battered steel shield in his left hand.
He is wearing some hammered steel arm greaves, a salt-smeared leather vest, a heavy black steel breastplate, a brass-studded brown leather pouch, a brass-studded leather tasse, some hammered steel leg greaves, some salt-stained brown leather boots, a rusty iron-mesh sheath, and a salt-stained leather cape.