Knife's Edge

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Knife's Edge is the weapon shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located on Cranial Crawl just west of the herbalist in a stout building with a sturdy iron door.

[The Knife's Edge, Show Room] RNUM: 29099
Crates, boxes, and shipping containers clutter the back of the shop. The sturdy wooden structures create a wall that stretches to the ceiling. Along the northern and southern walls, open shipping containers provide a view of the wares that are for sale. A long glossy counter crafted of oak provides a centralized location to place orders, its smooth surface clean and tidy.


Welcome to Knife's Edge!

Master Crafter Mimosa offers her Catalog to browse.
Mimosa exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a modwir-hafted steel logging axe               12. a maoral-hafted ora logging axe
  2. a copper-hilted polished steel backsword        13. a hemp-wrapped ora backsword
  3. a copper-hilted polished steel falchion         14. a hemp-wrapped ora falchion
  4. a pair of padded byssus footwraps               15. a pair of durable byssus handwraps
  5. a copper-hafted steel halberd                   16. a steel-hafted ora halberd
  6. a modwir-hilted polished steel langseax         17. a maoral-hilted sleek ora langseax
  7. a copper-inset steel Niima's-embrace            18. an engraved ora Niima's-embrace
  8. a modwir-hafted steel pilum                     19. a maoral-hafted ora pilum
  9. a modwir-hafted steel ridgemace                 20. a maoral-hafted ora ridgemace
  10. a damascened steel scramasax                   21. a copper-hilted narrow ora scramasax
  11. a copper-inset polished steel sword-of-Phoen   22. a copper sun-hilted ora sword-of-Phoen