Kothos (prime)

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Kothos Blud
Brother Blud and Rusalka.jpg
Brother Blud (as crafted by Stormyrain)
Race Half-elf
Culture Seareach
Class Priest
Profession Cleric
Religion Order of Ivas
Disposition Warm and welcoming
Demeanor Charming
Flaw Unaccustomed to social conventions
Greatest Strength Serenity and intensity
Greatest Weakness a naif to the outside world
Habits flirtatious and libertine
Likes rhetoric, beauty, company
Dislikes ambivalence
Fears losing control


Kothos Blud is a priest of Ivas who was until recently cloistered in Her Temple in Vipershroud Swamp. He is originally from Brisker's Cove in the county of Seareach. Rather than being the scion of an elf and human union, Kothos is descended from others of mixed heritage, and is unaware of the origins of his elven heritage. Not much is known of his life prior to his taking up Service in the Temple just east of Wehnimer's Landing, where he has been a fixture for nearly two decades.

Kothos is of the priest rank within his Order, and is responsible for receiving pilgrims when they arrive in the Temple, as well as training and teaching new converts. His newest disciple is Xanthium, a young dancer and performer who came under his wing in the summer of 5119. Through his close relationship with her, he was convinced to reemerge into the outer world, he has begun taking day trips to the Landing, and even further. While still feeling his way through these experiences, he has found himself more able to serve with the power he has gained, and to explore the mysteries of life with a passionate curiosity.


You see Lord Kothos Blud the Brother.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He is very tall and has a broad-shouldered slender frame. He appears to be in the spring of life. He has copper-ringed seaglass green eyes and sun-bronzed, coppery skin. He has long, voluminous raven black hair cascading into a lush tumult of violet-sheened curls. He has a graceful, oval-shaped face, an aquiline nose and a set of high cheekbones that are softened by the gentle contours of his jawline.
He has a copper-traced leaf green viper languidly draped across his shoulders, its eyes half-lidded.
He is wearing a carved jade medallion ringed in gold, a dark azure silk kimono patterned with silver-edged white blossoms, an orbicular wispy red glaes emblem, a silver-strewn celestial blue wrap-skirt, and some burnt umber sea silk sandals laced with thin copper chain.

Associations & Beliefs

Kothos is by nature a tolerant man, and makes it his practice to have all those who sojourn to Ivas' hall welcome and fulfilled, regardless of their gender, race, social status or religious leanings. His devotion to Ivas and his disciples is unwavering, and both bring him great joy. While not as accomplished a dancer as Xanthium, he incorporates movement and form into his religious rituals, and sometimes indulges in a little playacting with the other priests and acolytes as an enticement for the shyer Temple visitors to join them in a Dance for and in Her Grace.

Besides his protege, Kothos has taken to a number of new acquaintances since his return to society, fellow Ivasian Nola, the sylvan artist and healer Alvyara, former mayor Lylia Rashere (whom he had broken cloister twice before to vote for her), 5120 mayoral candidate Faerinn Greatsinger, and has a rather enjoyable rivalry and respect for the warrior rake Lazaryth.

He recently hosted a celebration of the Ivasian Rite of Summer, Hunger of the Pines, in the Temple, where Xanthium was promoted from acolyte to the rank of minister. He and Xanthium also performed a dance entitled Passion's Snare, set to honor a poem by Charna, for the Revelia Carnivale event, Brigatta in Flight.

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