Revelia Carnivale - 2021-07-15 - Brigatta in Flight (log)

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This log is from the Revelia Carnivale on Koaratos 15, 5121 (July 15, 2021) from the viewpoint of Kothos Blud. It was hosted by House Brigatta.

Brigatta Banyan Welcome

House Brigatta, Banyan Tree

A huge banyan tree keeps this area in a perpetual gloom. There are various mosses clinging to the tree, and all the shrubs seem stunted. A gardener's shed, almost hidden under a dense netting of moss and flowering vines, is nestled close to the western boundary of the garden. Some doors lead into the kitchen, while a back porch can be seen to the south. Obvious paths: east, south

You smile.

Luminary Berkana just arrived

(Kothos blows a kiss to Delindra and then tucks her under his arm with a little teasing, and then swings her out to the length of his hand, and back again, watching her glass carefully to not spill a drop.)

Speaking to Delindra, you say, "I appreciate the practice."

You flash a quick grin at Delindra.

Delindra beams happily at you!

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Thank you for coming, my friend."

(Berkana waves to everyone.)

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Of course."

Speaking warmly to Cryheart, you greet, "Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart says, "Greetings, Brother Blud."

Speaking respectfully to Evia, you say, "Dame Evia."

Speaking to you, Falicor asks, "You ready?"

You flash a quick grin at Falicor.

Seomanthe lets loose a loud whoop of delight.

Speaking to Vaikhen, you say, "I seem to recall I was going to turn you red as a barn, but I'm rather too nervous to follow through with it, just now."

Vaikhen laughs!

Vaikhen relievedly says, "Lucky me, then."

Seomanthe exclaims, "Evenin Revelers!"

Speaking to Melikor, you say, "Thank you for coming, Pops. Xanthium will be down in a moment."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "Very good."

You say, "...or a few of them."

You glance up.

You say, "I'm insane. That's all there is to it."

You say, "And she's even madder."

(Berkana mouths the word "pops" at Melikor.)

Melikor gives a sidelong glance at Berkana.

Speaking to Berkana, you ask, "...ready, Luminary?"

Speaking to Berkana, Melikor says, "It's true, I'm old."

Berkana nods to you.

You ask, "Very well, let's get started, shall we?"

(Darcena moves over near the gardener's shed and begins to sit.)

You quietly whisper to Delindra, "Say a prayer to your Lord for me."

Berkana says, "Welcome everyone, welcome."

Delindra agrees with you.

Delindra smiles at you.

You warmly greet, "Welcome everyone, to the next event in this grand festival, Revelia Carnivale! We give our thanks to Silvergate Inn, House Argent Aspis, and House of Paupers, for sponsoring, organizing and generally bringing some much-needed joy to the realm! With me here tonight are Luminary Berkana LeJardine and Emissary Xanthium Dyvim, officers of this great House! Join us in this showcase of aerial grace; we are pleased to perform for you tonight, in this: Brigatta in Flight."

Passion's Snare (Xanthium Dyvim and Kothos Blud)

You announce, "First, watch yours truly try to keep up with the death-defying grace of my gorgeous lover, Xanthium, in a tribute to the work of Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav. We've composed this performance around her poem "Forbidden Fruit," and turn it into a dance of sensuality and temptation. We call it, "Passion's Snare."

(Kothos picks up the golden cittern from its resting place against the banyan's trunk, and slings it under his arm, picking out a few soft notes, an aimless melody while he peers about the makeshift stage of grass, roots and branches, a mischievous look in his bright green eyes.)

You remove a golden hued maoral cittern from in your azure silk kimono.

Emissary Xanthium just arrived.

(Xanthium emerges from the middle of the branch-laden canopy, a soft light streaming out from beneath her to brush away the gloom and draw the audience to her long, lithe form slowly descending while perched within a shining imflass hoop. The circle gleams in the flickering light, and as she falls, the sound of the music below reaches her, and she stretches to see the priest; an inquiring, curious look meets his own, which turns lascivious as soon as he spots her.)

(Xanthium's face blanches with apprehension and she shivers in her precarious perch. She gathers her long, ghostly-white skirts in one hand and raises her voice in a clear, silver-bright song, a long, wordless chant that hums with her bardic magic. The tone pushes her back in an unfelt breeze, circling the priest like a shining ornament. She fishes out her leather and wooden bagpipes from under her arm, bracing the instrument between her elbow and waist. The next exhale is a skirl of sweet sound, taking up the hum from her voice and nearly vibrating across the night air.)

(Kothos's fingers stroll over the frets of his instrument, picking out a few complimentary notes to his quarry's ongoing peal of modulated wind. He strides under her, and the two smile at one another, though Xanthium's lips barely pull back around her pipe reed, and she soon looks away shyly. His grin only gets wider, and his playing taking on a heavier, percussive sound to her lilting fall of music.)

You sing playfully:

Come, my child, come walk down this path,
You with innocent eyes that know not wrath.
Come, my child, come take this here route,
I will guide you gently to the forbidden fruit.

You sing smoothly:

Step this way, my sweet and innocent little thing.
Here I will guide you by where the larks come to sing.
I will not betray you, your trust in me is well-placed.
On this path, where fruit's vines bloomed and graced.

(Xanthium's mouth pulls away from the reed to stare down at Kothos once more, her shoulders shivering in the bough's breeze. Her ring descends a little lower, and the air between the two takes a life of its own, filled with music and tension. Her playing keeps her in motion, and she slowly pulls up to stretch, the long arc of her body curving her and the swing into a dance of shimmer and grace.)

Xanthium sings hesitantly:

A splinter here, a fracture there, a little rough toss-
On rocks, where our paths have suddenly come to cross.
Of the vines, a fruit you pluck and lift up for me to see.
A taste so sweet, of Oleani's Treat, of what you and I will be?

Xanthium grins slowly.

Jaysehn clears his throat.

Berkana chuckles.

Vaikhen flushes slightly, some color reaching his cheeks.

Delindra shivers.

(Xanthium reaches the end of her verse, and takes up the pipes again, adding another clear thrum of wandering, wondering melody to her plaintive entreaty. Kothos watches her avidly, and then pulls open his kimono, allowing her to see the jade and gold wisp-engraved medallion hanging in the center of his pectorals. She takes her precarious perch a step further and stands, balancing upon the hoop's arc upon one foot, the other leg extended behind her. The end of the measure of notes threatens her bardsong's power, and she wavers before managing a second verse.)

Veramilion snickers.

Falicor glances at Cryheart.

Dwi grunts bashfully, averting her eyes.

Xanthium shivers.

Xanthium sings wistfully:

Your lips are red with passion's bloom,
Your eyes are bright, spared of the gloom.
From sorrow's edge, will you break my fall?
Are those arms built solely for my heart's call?

(Kothos's eyes glimmer with amusement and enchantment, both, watching her white limbs twist and turn over the hoop's perimeter; he makes a gasp of surprise when she pivots down, one thigh hooked over the metal, bracing her for another spin across the sky. Her mass of white-blonde curls and snow-hued gown stream along in her wake, and her magic gives the turn a stronger lift, the air about her answering her song with a tug back up toward the canopy. In response, he lifts his arms toward her, and wisps of moss-green fog swirl about him, reaching up toward the oscillating bard.)

Lazaryth leans forward.

Xanthium raises her voice in merry laughter.

You sing tenderly:

Come, my child, come walk down this path,
You with innocent eyes that know not wrath.
Come, my child, come take this here route,
I will guide you gently to the forbidden fruit.

Cryheart blushes a glowing shade of red.

(Kothos answers Xanthium's retreat; he draws his long fingers through his thick black curls, pulling them free from his face and bare chest. It's Xanthium's turn to be distracted, and the interruption of her music makes her loop drop a few feet. She quickly plays the next measure, winding a deep harmony with the bagpipes' drones. The recharged spellsong from the reed chanter arrests her fall. She slides over to the outer side of the ring, drawing her legs outward to control the momentum of the spin, and the pose gives her a clearer view of the priest below her, who extends his hands up toward her once again.)

You sing seductively:

Take my hand, my sweet innocent child.
Let me pull you back from the edge, the wild.
Come walk with me, over shell-crushed shores,
Sing with me, ease your soul and hard-earned sores.

Falicor winks at Cryheart.

Cryheart coughs.

Delindra blushes a nice shade of light pink.

Berkana chuckles.

(Xanthium's warm smile is immediate as she reaches out toward Kothos, sliding her torso until only the curve of her hip catches upon the metal, keeping her from slipping. The twirling music peals out with her movement, surrounding her with a flicker of light. The little wisps fall across the dark jade mist, playing across the priest's golden skin and black hair. The combined lilting melody and their back and forth is evocative of the iconic snake charmer, though it's not certain who is in which role.)

(Xanthium breathes smoothly into her bagpipe's bellows, the dragon wings stitched upon them beat slowly, and soon another cascade of notes spirals down from the bard, and she begins her climb again. With the bellows to sustain the music, she twists about the hoop, letting herself dangle from both bent legs, so her hair and flowing sleeves drift along the wisps and fog together. She tucks her legs in closer, and she slowly flips about in her orientation, leg muscles straining with the effort.) Cryheart breaks out in a sweat.

Berkana leans on Cryheart.

Melikor shifts his eyes to Cryheart.

Xanthium sings sonorously:

A glass of wine, a feathery-touch so light-
Raise your eyes to my wonders and my sight.
The fruit to my lips, down slender throat slips,
Where heart's desire can have a loosened grip.

Speaking to Cryheart, Xanthium whispers aloud, "Heights, I know."

Cryheart hums a seemingly random tune.

Melikor chuckles.

Jaysehn smiles quietly to himself.

Speaking to Cryheart, Veramilion says, "Don't worry. I'll catch her."

(Kothos exhales and smiles, watching the white-clad limber woman slide back up to perch upon the hoop once more, and laughs aloud, as she stands and balances upon one slender foot again. She catches his eye, the fear gone from her returning smile. She plays the next few notes to their shared song, starting out playful and then building into a waterfall of sound. The bardsong propels her yet again, cresting through the fog, so her music and his fills the yard and canopy entire.)

Vaikhen smiles slightly.

You sing warmly:

Come travel with me, your soul I wish to put at ease,
With words so soft they will bring you to your knees.
Walk by my side as we travel to the fruit of the vine.
Promises? I make none but offer a touch of the divine.

Darcena smiles wistfully.

Berkana hums a seemingly random tune.

You sing soulfully:

We will walk slowly, I will not taunt if you do not tease,
My touch will be lighter than the ocean-kissed breeze.
Come, my child, our paths so easily blend and weave.
I am in no hurry and I will not hurt you or deceive.

(Xanthium slides down an octave, her slender fingers drawing across the chanter and drones. The rich sound takes over the next measure, blending with Kothos' tenor voice, bringing the two closer both in sound and by magic- her hoop lowers through the fog, with her still twirling about the silvery metal, falling toward the priest's open arms and the dark earth below.)

(Xanthium lets the bagpipes' refrain fade, breathing the next exhale into the bellows and then securing them back upon her waist. She smiles down at Kothos, and he places his cittern carefully upon the grass, and raises his arms up to meet her. She gets just within reach, before swinging herself up, flipping up and over to the top of the circle, straddling the tether. The priest looks at her in surprise, and she beckons to him, swinging gracefully upside down.)

Lazaryth grins.

You absent-mindedly drop a golden hued maoral cittern into your thick leather knapsack.

Xanthium sings whimsically:

Down this vine-covered path, I ask you to tread.
Wrapped in my arms, let me free you of dread.
Here where we pass, the fruit is within our touch,
If you travel with me, I will teach you - oh - so much.

Xanthium snickers at you!

Speaking to you, Xanthium says, "Come on, priest. Show your mettle."

Dwi heartily says, "Dont do it."

You blush a deep carmine shade at Xanthium.

You glance up.

Vaikhen grins.

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Delindra gasps.

(Kothos strides up to the still spinning hoop, with an amused smile and an anxious cast to his kohl-lined eyes. He takes Xanthium's proffered arms, and manages to haul himself up to the lower arc, landing lightly under her. The ring wobbles with the additional weight, and for a moment, both have to cast about to keep their balance. Xanthium releases the chanter to slide back down, weaving her legs between his, trying to slow their spin.)

You gasp.

(Kothos spares Xanthium a soft, admiring look, and closes his eyes, muttering a soft prayer while leaning down to kiss her upon the throat. Immediately the moss-green fog coalesces about them into a sinuous net of smoky tentacles, snaking about both of their bodies and the imflass hoop, anchoring them to the metal and one another. Xanthium smiles warmly at him, and they twirl about in the mist and flickering wisps. Kothos releases his grip on the ring and kisses Xanthium with nearly worshipful passion, cradling her face in his palms.)

Perivan joins Guarrin's group.

Tabubu holds her breath.

Lylia bites her lip.

You gaze admiringly at Xanthium.

Xanthium releases a slow, low whistle.

You sing resonantly:

So, come my child, come walk down this path.
You with innocent eyes that know not wrath.
Come, my child, come take this here route,
I will guide you gently to the forbidden fruit.

(Xanthium plays the next note through the pipes' bellows, letting it sound out the final measure to chase the priest's finishing verse, freeing her lips to return his kiss. She loops her arms about his shoulders, both of the lovers trusting in the music and magic to let their dance wind down safely to the grass. They step down together, the smoke and tendrils falling back as they approach the gathered crowd, taking a low, respectful bow.)

Xanthium slowly empties her lungs.

Xanthium bows.

Seomanthe smiles at Xanthium.

You flash a quick grin.

You bow.

Darcena applauds Xanthium warmly.

Seomanthe applauds warmly.

You applaud Xanthium.

Darcena applauds you warmly.

Jaysehn smiles.

Melikor applauds.

Berkana lets out a cheer!

Delindra applauds you.

Vaikhen applauds.

Lazaryth applauds.

Evia applauds.

Kalyrra applauds.

Cryheart's jaw drops.

Xanthium leans softly against you, and you note the scent of fresh ocean air lightly mingled with the scent of tropical flowers clinging to her.

Delindra applauds Xanthium.

Seomanthe exclaims, "Just beautiful!"

Vaikhen lets out a cheer!

Lazaryth says, "Bravo."

Kalyrra grins.

Guarrin applauds you politely.

Jaysehn applauds politely.

Berkana applauds you.

Vaikhen hoots excitedly!

Akenna applauds politely.

You feel more refreshed.

Tabubu pulls her hands out of the confines of her silken underrobe's sleeves.

Tabubu applauds warmly.

Berkana applauds Xanthium.

Guarrin applauds Xanthium politely.

Jaysehn glances at Cryheart.

Perivan applauds.

Jaysehn grins.

Cryheart asks, "Whew, is it getting warm in here, or what?"

Yairra grins at Xanthium.

Nazarr applauds you.

Speaking to Delindra, you ask, "Now you know how to make me blush, hm?"

Cryheart glances at a blue ora buffet cart.

Cryheart pours himself a stein of Brigatta blend beer.

Nazarr applauds Xanthium.

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Yooz limber."

You smile at Cryheart.

Lylia applauds Xanthium.

Delindra smiles at you.

You say, "Now, thank you all."

Cryheart says, "I hae learned what Ivas is all about."

Xanthium says, "He was sweating. I'm fine."

Xanthium coughs.

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Xanthium says, "Just fine."

Xanthium snickers.

Xanthium glances up.

Xanthium shivers.

Lazaryth grins.

Melikor begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Speaking seriously to Xanthium, Darcena says, "Lying is dangerous."

Lylia warmly says, "So good to see you both, and to see you put on such a show."

Delindra beams happily at Xanthium!

You say, "But, luckily for you all, we're far from the only performers."

Berkana says, "Wonderful performance."

You grin at Berkana.

Jaysehn smiles.

Cryheart says, " was entertaining to say the least."

Speaking earnestly to Xanthium, Delindra says, "You were a vision. Beautiful performance."

Speaking to Dwi, Dendum asks, ""Hrmm does this one need to stand somewhere to avoid falling performers?"

Speaking to Xanthium, Guarrin says, "Most impressive."

Cryheart applauds Xanthium.

Luminary Berkana LeJardine's "Inflagrante Delicto"

(Thanks to Xanthium for the title suggestion!)

You warmly exclaim, "Now, you are all in for a most wondrous treat. Please, put your hands together for a woman so fierce and so bright, her title is Luminary! I give you, Mistress of House Brigatta, Berkana LeJardine!"

You applaud Berkana.

Darcena applauds Berkana.

Xanthium turns to Berkana and cheers!

Akenna applauds politely.

Guarrin applauds politely.

Melikor applauds Berkana.

Cryheart applauds Berkana.

Delindra applauds Berkana.

Lazaryth applauds.

Talinvor nods encouragingly at Berkana.

Perivan applauds Berkana.

Jaysehn applauds politely.

Speaking to Berkana, Darcena says, "I'm excited to see another of your performances."

Berkana asks, "Good evening everyone, how are you doing tonight?"

Cryheart says, "Warm."

Cryheart nods at Berkana.

Delindra agrees with Cryheart.

Cryheart slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Cryheart, Delindra says, "Practically sweltering, really."

You quietly whisper to Cryheart, "Just breathe. So I hear. Oh, Goddess, that was frightening."

Berkana says, "Grab some refreshment and settle in..."

Cryheart takes a drink from his Brigatta blend beer.

Speaking to you, Falicor says, "You will have to explain the influences and origin someday."

Cryheart grins at you.

Berkana says, "I'll be performing two pieces for you tonight."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "Of course. Charna is someone I did not know well, I'm afraid, but she was an emotional poet. Evocative, as you heard."

Berkana says, "The first is a display of fire dancing that I call Inflagrante Delicto." Berkana says, "And the second piece is a display of aerial silks I call "Soaring"." Berkana asks, "Are you all ready for this?"

Cryheart says, "Nae sure."

(Delindra tugs a little at the lavaliere around her neck as if it were slightly too tight, then takes another drink of her punch before holding the cool glass to her cheek.)

(Berkana slips behind the banyan tree and gives the audience a moment to settle in.)

(Berkana appears from behind the banyan tree, barely visible. She carries an iron spray of fire in front of her like a bouquet, her features a blank canvas. Passing from left to right of the performance area, she uses her small flames to light several three-pronged dragon canes stuck into the ground and interspersed between evenly spaced fire bowls. The area becomes noticeably brighter, revealing an elaborate rigging with pulleys.)

(Berkana glances at the two darkly clad, hooded stagehands, one at each side.)

Berkana glances to her left.

Berkana glances to her right.

(Berkana also tosses a look at a small group of musicians off in partial shadows, and cues them to start playing, their music initially soft and slow.)

(Berkana moves back to the center inside the flickering half circle, and lifting her face to the audience, offers a welcoming smile. With a quick gesture of her hands, the spray parts into two fire fans, each of which she starts to spin slowly, creating fiery circles as she does. Dark and light passes over her, a struggle between quiet and energy. The music swells to match her rhythm, drums punctuating her movements.)

(Berkana turns slowly at first, tossing the lit fans up in the air in alternating flight, as her twirling quickens. Her snowy hair twirls out, catching the light in stark contrast. Skilled juggling of the torches combines with her blurring spins as she catches and tosses the fans in continuous succession.)

(Berkana makes one last catch as her twirling slows, then holds her arms out straight to each side, and tosses her head back with a soft, jubilant laugh. Bringing each arm in, to pass in front of her, she turns and crosses the fire fans in front of her body quickly, eyes focused on her motions. The trails of firelight form whole and half circles burning a chasing dance in the dark surroundings.)

(Berkana lowers the fans down to her hips and turns her back to the crowd, then tosses a sassy glance over her left shoulder as her body moves sinuously.)

Berkana glances over her shoulder.

(Berkana lifts the lit irons up over her head, holding them side by side to form a flickering crown. Suddenly, she starts spinning them, moving them down and going from behind her to in front of her body, until they are level with her hips. She stops with a short thrust as the drums crash with a loud boom and then quiet.)

Xanthium gasps.

Evia gasps.

Lylia gazes admiringly at Berkana.

(Berkana puts the two fans together again, in one hand, as she reaches for a glass and takes a sip, then replaces it.)

Berkana removes a shot of Elanthian Comfort from in her illusion lace bodysuit.

Berkana takes a drink from her Elanthian Comfort.

Berkana put a shot of Elanthian Comfort in her illusion lace bodysuit.

(Berkana pivots to face the crowd, with the music starting once more. She flips both fans high up in the air where they split apart, and she catches them, one in each hand. Tipping one end of a fan towards her lips, Berkana purses her lips and exhales, causing a thin stream of fire to shoot out toward the crowd, then repeats the motion to the opposite side.)

Berkana slowly empties her lungs.

Berkana smiles as she slowly returns to spinning her iron fans.

Delindra gasps.

Berkana sways back and forth.

(Berkana begins to sway side to side, hands moving together, the fire fans now creating a circle of flames as she twins them and starts them twirling. Picking up speed, her hands move them across the front of her body in a quick cycling that rises up over her head and moves from back to front with a flickering twirl.)

Cryheart says, "Got beer ready, to put the wayward fire."

Guarrin just nudged Cryheart.

Delindra begins chuckling at Cryheart!

(Berkana dramatically throws her arms out to the side again, pausing as the music comes to a loud crescendo of a stop, then bows towards the crowd with an enigmatic smile. She crosses the performance area to set first one, then the other fire fan in a standing bracket at each end of the lit half circle.)

Jaysehn smirks.

Falicor appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Falicor glances at Cryheart.

Falicor chuckles to himself.

Cryheart says, "Just in case."

Berkana bows.

Delindra comments, "Wouldn't that depend on the strength of the beer..."

Cryheart applauds Berkana.

Amyill beams at Berkana and claps her hands together in delight!

Guarrin applauds Berkana.

Jaysehn applauds Berkana politely.

Evia lets out a cheer!

Vaikhen applauds.

Delindra beams happily at Berkana!

Evia applauds Berkana.

Xanthium applauds Berkana.

Perivan says, "Goodness."

Vaikhen takes a drink from his Elanthian Comfort.

Akenna applauds Berkana politely.

Evia takes a bite of her chocolate truffle.

Xanthium lets out a cheer!

Dendum applauds with enthusiasm, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings.

Speaking to Berkana, Talinvor says, "Well done. The adjustments were sublime."

Kalyrra applauds.

You applaud Berkana.

Perivan applauds Berkana.

Vaikhen hoots at Berkana.

Tabubu applauds Berkana.

Evia says, "That was amazing."

Cryheart grins at Berkana.

Amyill turns to Berkana and cheers!

Landrai applauds.

Speaking to Berkana, you exclaim, "How wonderful!"

Cryheart says, "Well done."

Talinvor applauds Berkana.

Speaking to Berkana, Falicor exclaims, "Bravely danced!"

Speaking to Berkana, Delindra says, "Beauteous."

Berkana says, "Let me catch my breath and moment, then we'll launch, literally, into the aerial silks show."

You say, "I'm glad we didn't go after that! It's hotter than ever in here."

Speaking quietly to Kalyrra, Vaikhen asks, "Do you think I could learn to spit fire like that without burning my face off?"

Kalyrra grins at Vaikhen.

Cryheart nods to you.

Speaking to Vaikhen, you say, "Please say yes."

You nod at Kalyrra.

Speaking to you, Berkana says, "What a sweet thing to say."

Berkana gives you a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Speaking wryly to you, Vaikhen says, "I'm not sure I'm willing to practice."

Speaking appreciatively to Berkana, Lylia says, "You are a conflagration! Magnificent show."

Speaking to Vaikhen, Kalyrra says, "Well, maybe... if you practice."

Cryheart says, "I think the trick is not to breathe in."

Vaikhen jokingly says, "Maybe I'll just stick to drinking the alcohol."

Melikor leans over and whispers, "I appreciate that you both kept your clothes on."

Melikor nods slowly to you.

Luminary Berkana LeJardine's "Soaring"

Berkana asks, "Alright, ready for some Soaring?"

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement from Melikor.

Berkana exclaims, "Here we go, then!"

(Berkana turns and signals to the stagehands, watching as two dark amethyst, silk scarves unfurl from the top support, draping down in wide panels. She walks over to check the riggings briefly, then reaches out to test the fabric by grabbing it and, rising up on her toes, pulls on the silk with all of her weight, her face studying them with serious scrutiny. She nods with satisfaction and drops her grasp on the fabric.)

Berkana nods with satisfaction.

(Berkana returns to the center of the performance area, and offering a smile to her audience, she takes a deep breath to compose herself.)

Berkana takes a deep breath.

Berkana slowly empties her lungs.

(Berkana crosses her arms, her delicately posed hands are placed lightly upon her shoulders and head is bowed. As the area grows quiet again, two follow lights move to illuminate her form, soft music resuming.)

(Berkana rises back up on her toes, arms gracefully sweeping up above her head as she arches back. Face canted slightly with eyes closed, her hands reach out and grasp the dangling fabric along the inner edges. Firelight ringing the edge of the area catches the glimmer of the diamonds on her outfit, sending winking points of brilliance in a scatter out over her torso.)

Berkana tilts her head back.

Berkana closes her eyes for a moment.

(Berkana opens her eyes to reveal a serene emerald gaze, her thick lashes dusted with faux frost. She sends each panel out sideways with a fluttering motion, like wings unfurling and extending. Repeating this gesture twice more, she launches herself upward, a bird beginning flight, aided by the pulleys controlling the height of the silks.)

You say, "Beautiful."

(Berkana grips the scarves and turns with a smooth backward flip, purple fabric winding around her upper arms as she spins full circle. Then, throwing the silks away from her body, her arms extending out parallel to the ground, she glides with a gentle swinging.)

(Berkana is alight with an avian pleasure, gained from being aloft upon imaginary air currents. She sails, rejoicing in her freedom flight.)

(Nazarr gazes at Berkana, dumbfounded.)

Berkana turns around.

Berkana leans forward.

(Berkana she suddenly swivels a half turn, leaning her body forward and down, the pose resembling diving for prey with arms streamlined back, legs together and straight. Gone is the softness of her form, now there is the steely attack of a hunter.)

Lylia gazes admiringly at Berkana.

Evia says, "Bird of prey."

(Berkana holds this formation for a long moment, a darting swing left and right, before giving a slight kick forward to turn herself back upright, the fabric wings rippling alongside her. She moves through a short series of acrobatic poses while still suspended, her body performing an aerial dance of changing flight. One foot is wrapped with silk around her arch, creating a foothold that allows her to move fluidly, and both arms flare out as her back arches.)

(Berkana pulls herself inward and quickly reverses to dangle downward, only the narrow wrapping of the silk around her foot and calf suspending her as she sends herself into a slow spiral, gaining speed until she is in a corkscrew spin.)

Berkana turns around.

Berkana turns around.

Berkana turns around.

Berkana turns around.

Berkana turns around.

Delindra gazes in awe at Berkana.

Melikor applauds Berkana.

(Berkana lifts her other foot up to her knee and pushes out against the binding fabric, stretching it taunt, arcing her form once more, then stopping to hold the pose.)

Nazarr applauds Berkana.

Faerinn applauds Berkana.

Tabubu applauds Berkana.

Speaking to Guarrin, Evia says, "If she did the fire at the same time, she could make a phoenix."

Veramilion lets out a cheer!

(Berkana continues this ballet, changing her pose a few more times, using the resistance of the foothold to circle in smooth, wise turns. As she does, the purple silk swirls and swathes her form from waist to toe, as the fabric wraps loosely around her, until she slows and stills. The follow light dims and tightens its ball of brilliance upon her as the music softens and pauses with silence.)

Speaking to Evia, Dendum says, ""Hrmm or set fabric on fire."

(Berkana snaps alert sharply, her arms extending out tightly, as the light flares and music increases with staccato beats.)

Berkana glances up.

(Berkana arches her neck back, her gaze lifted towards the sky, as the notes of the song imitate the crying call of birdsong.)

Berkana gazes up into the sky.

(Berkana performs a series of wide spiraling climbs, carefully guiding the wrapping silk around her hips, until she has nearly reached the top of the rigging.)

Evia glances up.

(Berkana is almost hidden in the shadows, a petite figure of dark and sparkle, when she suddenly releases her hold on the amethyst silk panels and they unfurl, setting her in a quick cartwheeling free fall, as the fabric unravels smoothly from around her torso. Seconds seem almost too short for this descent.)

Delindra gasps.

Berkana takes a deep breath.

Cryheart blinks.

(Berkana casts her arms out wide, hands taut on the scarf panels, and comes to a quick stop mere inches from the floor, her body in a perfect inverse split parallel to it.)

Evia ducks her head.

Vaikhen gasps.

Darcena applauds.

You applaud Berkana.

Delindra shivers.

Vaikhen applauds.

Seomanthe fans herself.

Cryheart applauds Berkana.

(Berkana rests for a beat, then slowly rotates her body upright, knees bent as she slides down to rest upon the ground. Gaze lifted up, the ecstasy of her journey clear upon her face, her hands pull the silk panels closed around her like a curtain, the music trailing off.)

Delindra slowly empties her lungs.

Amyill hoots at Berkana.

Lylia applauds Berkana.

(Berkana breaks through the silks where they split, dancing out with a ballerina's grace, casting the fabric wide, so that they float and flutter teasingly out over the various sources of fire.)

Berkana smiles widely, her face lighting up, and performs a slight half bow-half curtsy, first to one side and then the other.

Berkana gives a slight curtsy, barely worth the effort.

Berkana gives a slight curtsy, barely worth the effort.

Nazarr applauds Berkana.

Lylia places a hand over her heart.

Evia lets out a cheer!

Evia applauds Berkana.

Darcena applauds Berkana warmly.

Vaikhen applauds Berkana.

Dwi grunts at Berkana in satisfaction.

Seomanthe applauds.

Vaikhen hoots excitedly!

Talinvor applauds Berkana.

Cryheart says, "Woo hoo."

Melikor applauds Berkana.

Delindra applauds Berkana.

Dendum applauds with enthusiasm, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings.

Lazaryth applauds.

You applaud Berkana.

Akenna applauds Berkana politely.

Cryheart applauds.

Lylia breathes, " beautiful."

Kalyrra applauds Berkana.

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Some doins!"

"Is This Supposed to Happen?" (The Banyan Tree's Brush with Blazes)

A nearby fire blazes brightly as a gust of wind blows through, sending sparks dancing high into the air. The fiery red flames lick at a low-hanging branch of a huge banyan tree, caressing its bark.

Evia says, "Stunning."

Jaysehn applauds.

Delindra nods at Lylia.

Xanthium grins at Berkana.

Xanlin applauds Berkana.

Tabubu applauds Berkana.

Vaikhen exclaims, "Well done!"

Amyill nods her head in agreement and applauds.

Xanthium applauds Berkana.

Evia takes a bite of her chocolate truffle.

Berkana clears her throat.

Berkana nonplussedly says, "Fire..."."

Darcena stands up.

Dwi glances at a huge banyan tree.

Delindra says, "Simply amazing."

The limb of a huge banyan tree begins to smoke as a tiny spark turns into a small flame.

Tabubu tilts her head in Iskandr's general direction, the folds of her hood obscuring her expression from view.

You recite:

   "Thank you all for coming out tonight!  Luminary, that was astonishing!"

Cryheart takes a drink from his Brigatta blend beer.

Tabubu arches a skeptical eyebrow as she takes in her surroundings.

You applaud Berkana.

Darcena nods in agreement to you.

(Berkana glances over at the banyan tree.)

Akenna glances at a huge banyan tree.

Seomanthe tilts her head up.

Lylia furrows her brow.

Melikor applauds.

Guarrin applauds politely.

Speaking to Berkana, Xanthium says, "You need a drink."

Yardie applauds.

You feel more refreshed.

Seomanthe says, "Eep."

The smell of burning leaves fill the air as a fire begins to blaze in a huge banyan tree, spreading quickly among its branches. The thick, black smoke makes breathing difficult.

Darcena turns around.

Nazarr applauds.

Faerinn says, "Ooop."

Lylia coughs.

Dwi pours some of the contents of her Brigatta blend beer on the tree. The dark brown liquid quickly evaporates.

Amyill says, "Oh dear."

Akenna says, "Oh.."

Speaking to Berkana, Xanthium asks, "...Madame...?"

Lylia takes a few steps back.

Cryheart glances at a huge banyan tree.

From somewhere in the garden, you hear a voice shouting, "Halp! Fire! Fire, I say! Halp us!"

Cryheart says, "Errr."

Cryheart takes a few steps back.

Akenna says, "Is this supposed to happen..."

Seomanthe coughs.

Melikor glances at Berkana.

Amyill exclaims, "Halp!"

Jaysehn blinks.

Delindra blinks.

Draught furrows his brow.

Nazarr says, "No."

Vaikhen gives a sidelong glance around the area.

A bell sounds from somewhere inside the house.

Lylia says, "Not part of the show."

Evia says, "Fire fire."

Cryheart yells, "Fire!"

Dwi stands up.

Speaking to Akenna, Xanthium exclaims, "No!"

Jaysehn asks, "Fire?"

Akenna blinks.

Perivan squints.

Amyill asks, "Do we have a water spell?"

A kitchen boy runs in carrying a red bucket in each hand. He douses a huge banyan tree with water, before racing back inside. Several more kitchen workers join the party tossing water at the flames.

Xanthium exclaims, "The banyan!"

Vaikhen says, "What is ..."

(Faerinn throws his rum punch on the fire.)

Akenna quickly says, "I didn't do it."

Seomanthe shouts, "Fire!"

Dendum exclaims, "Oi there is nothing funny about a flamming Luminary!"

Vaikhen gasps.

Iskandr takes a drink from his rum punch.

Evia says, "Where is the buckets."

Xanthium exclaims, "It's older than the Landing!"

Imperatrix Lylia just went through some doors.

Dendum flails his arms about.

Berkana says, "I didn't start it."

A loud voice shouts, "The fountain! To the fountain!"

Jaysehn swears long, loud and well.

You reach over and gently rest your hand on Xanthium's arm.

Berkana examines her fingernails.

Imperatrix Lylia just came through some doors.

Jaysehn asks, "Where is that ktichen?"

You gesture at a huge banyan tree.

You hurl a stream of holy water at a huge banyan tree!

The holy water cleanses the banyan tree.

Amyill asks, "Where is the fountain?"

Nazarr says, "Someone just yelled to go to the fountain."

Akenna gestures crisply and utters a practiced phrase as raw elemental energies issue forth from her dimly glowing eyes. Akenna gestures at a huge banyan tree. Akenna hurls a stream of water at a huge banyan tree! The water scours the banyan tree clean.

Vaikhen worriedly exclaims, "How can we help?!"

The assembled house staff dash out of sight. Soon after, a large spray of water arcs over the garden, the steady stream from the nearby fountain drenching the burning banyan tree. Just as the flames die out, the exhausted water supply fades to a trickle. You say, "It's swamp water, but..."

You say, "Ah."

Cryheart says, "Whew."

Seomanthe coughs.

Guarrin nods once.

Seomanthe fans herself.

Evia says, "Phew."

You feel at full magical power again.

Slapping each other on the back, the house staff retreats with their water buckets in hand. One maid says to another, "I wonder how that all started." The second maid doesn't answer, but delivers a sidelong glance at one particular dancer.

Cryheart says, "That was close."

Speaking sincerely to Berkana, Talinvor says, "Well done."

Speaking to Berkana, Falicor says, "That was not a great ending....."

Xanthium reaches out and touches a singed banyan tree.

Cryheart just nudged Berkana.

Falicor coughs.

Xanthium slowly empties her lungs.

Faerinn says, "I never knew we had this many on our kitchen staff."

Berkana begins chuckling at Faerinn!

Akenna says, "Well.."

Jaysehn just arrived.

Delindra says, "Oh, my... that..."

Delindra sways back and forth.

Tabubu reaches out and touches a singed banyan tree.

Vaikhen lets out a sigh of relief.

Speaking to a singed banyan tree, Seomanthe says, "The poor tree."

Speaking heartily to Berkana, Dwi says, "Almos as good as fireworks."

Delindra shakes her head.

Speaking to you, Xanthium says, "Luckily, they don't take to fire as well as others..."

Seomanthe reaches out and touches a singed banyan tree.

Lylia says, "Both performances were breathtaking -- and hot."

Cryheart reaches out and touches a singed banyan tree.

(Nazarr pours water from the fountain on the unfortunate tree.)

Veramilion says, "So hot."

Speaking to Lylia, Berkana says, "Kitchen staff needs a raise."

Iskandr says, "Well, that was....something...."

Lylia nods in agreement at Berkana.

(Nazarr continues to pour water from the bucket onto the smoldering tree.)

Berkana exclaims, "Thank you one and all for coming out tonight to our show!"

Speaking to Lylia, you say, "We're just the kindling, according to some here."

You give Lylia a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Cryheart says, "Welcome."

Cryheart says, "Very entertaining, even the fire."

Vaikhen sincerely says, "It was lovely. Thank you for having us."

Delindra says, "It was indeed beautiful."

Lylia exclaims, "If this is what we can expect of the Revelia Carnivale, I cannot wait to see even more. What spectacular performances!"

Speaking to Delindra, Berkana says, "Thank you."

Nazarr says, "Beautiful, intricate and impressive."

Seomanthe carefully places a piece of golden amber on the ground.

Berkana says, "Thank you, glad you could make it."

Cryheart says, "Therefore Ivas acts, thus creating some heat."

Cryheart nods.

Seomanthe fans herself.

Seomanthe offers Lylia an ebon-bracted ruffled silver aster.

Lylia accepts Seomanthe's ruffled silver aster.

Speaking to Lylia, Seomanthe exclaims, "Happy Revelia!"

Berkana says, "Oh dear..."

Lylia gazes fondly at Seomanthe.

Lylia kisses Seomanthe tenderly on the cheek.

Speaking to you, Akenna says, "The tree is beautiful, even if a little burnt."

Jaysehn nods to you.

Berkana smiles at Seomanthe.

Jaysehn says, "It will recover."

Lylia says, "Of Brigatta? I suppose I could."

Speaking to Berkana, Seomanthe exclaims, "Thank you for bringing art and joy to the Carnivale!"