Krawling Kraken

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Krawling Kraken is a food shop in Solhaven. It is located through the alley just outside of the Wage and Dagger in South Haven. See Gwamf or Gwamph to rent a private alcove complete with secret password.

[The Krawling Kraken, Restaurant]
A single large tapestry hung against the eastern wall matches the simple decor of the hard wood benches and tables that populate the room. Loud and raucous noises can be heard emanating from behind the kitchen doors, much to the laughing delight of some of the customers and the chagrin of others. You also see a fancy gilt-edged menu.


Welcome to Krawling Kraken's restaurant!

A waiter offers his catalog to browse.
A waiter exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a cup of sweet mint tea           8. a brown-brothed vegetable soup
  2. a glass of thin blackberry wine   9. a bowl of watered-down chowder
  3. a mug of foamy brown ale          10. a bowl of glazed cyclops eyes
  4. a glass of thick apple mead       11. some garlic oil-soaked bread
  5. a slice of juicy watermelon       12. some slightly charred sliced boar
  6. a rum-soaked roasted red apple    13. some roasted sage-wrapped rabbit
  7. some thin clam and potato soup    14. some sage and rosemary-baked bass

Four tables are available to adventurers in the Restaurant: the Burnt Bass Table, the Crispy Cod Table, the Lavish Lobster Table, and the Sizzling Shrimp Table.

Four other tables are available to adventurers in the Krawling Kraken Commons: the Sloshed Squid Table, the Savage Storm Table, the Tangled Tentacle Table, and the Tipsy Turtle Table.

The Krawling Kraken Bar is one southwest of the Commons.