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The Kytawa D'ahranal are a group of sylvans whose talents suit them for leadership or public service roles. Most of the population's leaders, called Councilors, are numbered among this group, however the governing body does number some artisans among them as well, mostly in an advisory role.


The symbol of the Kytawa D'ahranal is a pelican. Pelicans do not compete for nesting, and enlist group help during their fishing time. They are a symbol of teamwork and unselfishness that go hand in hand with the values of the Kytawa D'ahranal.[1]

Garnet-inset medallions carved with the head of a bear are made for some members of the Kytawa D'ahranal to enhance their energy and stamina.

The most important figureheads and artisans of the Kytawa D'ahranal are offered staves crowned with spheres of topaz.


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