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Map of Sylvan cities and migration.

Yuriqen was a city of the sylvankind within an ancient aspen forest known as the Silver Veil west of the Dragonspine Mountains. Yuriqen was founded circa -2,985, but the exact date of its warding magic deployment is uncertain. Most place it around 2,683.

Powerful warding magics prevented anyone, including the sylvans, from approaching or leaving the city.

Knowledge of Yuriqen was carried into the world by sylvans of the Lassaran D'ahranal who departed the city before it was magically sealed.

The Seven Trees

Yuriqen was built upon the heights of seven immense modwir trees.

Yr'Thrumh was the greatest of the seven, and the only one to have stairs that reached the ground. It was named for the Circle of all beings in the world, coexisting in harmony. Within Yr'Thrumh were the Sylvan High Council and the halls of the Kytawa D'ahranal.

Yr'Tael was the easternmost of the modwirs. Within its branches were the Temple of the Dawn and many halls of learning and scholarship.

Yr'Nyx was home to the Fresiawn D'ahranal, dedicated to the fine arts, music, and architecture.

Yr'Vara and its shadowy paths and bridges were dedicated to the realm of dreams and held repositories of sylvan literature and poetry.

Yr'Shryv was dedicated to the Otherlife, and the souls of departed sylvans, known as Others, were said to walk its twisting alleys. Yr'Shryv was also home to seers and soothsayers, as well as schools of magic and sorcery.

Yr'Mez was home to the Tyesteron D'ahranal, and many great practice halls and archery ranges could be found high up in its branches.

Yr'Weth was the quietest of the seven modwirs, housing many family homes and the Hall of Healing. The Lassaran D'ahranal were established upon Yr'Weth, where they looked out to the distant west beyond the sylvan forests.

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