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Nevishrim was the second great city of the sylvankind.

Nevishrim was established approximately around -22,460, after the sylvans had traveled southwards from their first city of Ithnishmyn. For generations the sylvans resided in Nevishrim, constantly patrolling for intruders, such as the elves, who had ruined the beautiful isolation of their first home. This peace did not last with the arrival of Despana upon Elanthia and the Undead War which followed. After sylvans went to war, they returned disillusioned with the east and the wars and violence that seemed attracted to the elves and their city-states. At the order of the sylvan general Oriahn Delsechal, who died at the gates of Nevishrim upon his return from the war, the sylvans regrouped and then abandoned the city to seek out a new home far away and safe from the evils of war.

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