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The Tyesteron D'ahranal are a group of sylvans who specialize in physical and magical martial arts. It includes the great number of superb archers among the sylvans, as well as warriors and magic-users. The group serves as protectors of the homeland as well as hunters who bring in game to feed the tree-cities.


The Tyesteron D'ahranal are known for the mithril or silver linked belt and armband they wear, rather than a particular symbol. Additionally, the archers among the group form a subgroup called Ki'Tyesteron, and will have the image of an arrow incised upon the armband. This group might also wear other arrow-themed ornaments. It is not uncommon for a particularly gifted weapon/armor maker or fletcher to be made an honorary Tyesteron, even though the artisan is also a member of the Fresiawn.

In Yuriqen, the Tyesteron were instructed to set their armbands or belts with a single cabochon of fire agate. This addition would bring courage to their uncertain hearts and protect them in battle.[1]

Tyesteron armorers employ an ancient technique to craft intricate lamellar armor that mimic the mottled patterns of tortoiseshell. Neutral-toned variations of zircon customarily embellished the leathers, which were designed to enhance one's ability to hide in wooded territories.


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