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Original Story: Eoantos 21, 5120

Councilwoman Alendrial,

I hope and trust you've been staying safe despite the challenges we're facing right now. I'm writing to you because of something Amos the Lion said in front of several of us the other night. Apparently he's arranged a deal with you and Ayred to provide transportation to Jantalar in the near future, which I don't doubt.

What I do doubt is his further mention of a past history of giving aid to the Scions of Shaundara. Are you able to verify that, either directly or through your contacts? And, if so, then are you able to say what his aid entailed?

Amos has hardly been forthcoming with details about his past in this matter or any other matter, so many are somewhat uncomfortable around him--and it's impossible to blame anyone for caution at a time like this, of course. Your confirmation could go a long way toward easing some minds.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Mayor Leafiara


Leafi's green eyes were distant as she sealed the letter, ready to pass it along to the first messenger she saw next morning. I doubt her answer could tell me much of anything directly anyway, but indirectly could be another story.

She turned to her familiar placard of notable names, then repositioned Breshon's name below Amos' and above Stephos' and Dunigan's--and then thought of better it, moving Breshon's name to the top.

Unless we can prove otherwise in really short order, Hapenlok and Marijka are right. He's not just the dark horse candidate I gave him credit for. It would explain far, far too much if he were the Knave. More than any of the others.

The young half-sylvan mayor moved toward her perennially broken window and cast her gaze in the direction of the outpost. For Larsya's sake, I'd better be wrong.