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Original Story: Koaratos 25, 5119

The plush snowcat rug in [[::Twilight Hall|Warble's Parlor]] offered Leafiara only physical comfort as she took a whetstone to the edge of her third katar, shadows flickering around her as the blaze in the fireplace danced this way and that.

Everyone's so on edge lately, and they're letting it show. The [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-24_-_Saraphene_Siren_Song#Rioting_at_the_Docks|dockworkers and the fishermen]] are one thing, but there's the [[::Thadston|marshal]]--and the other [[::Thrayzar|marshal]], and the [[::Lylia|mayor]], and at least one of the [[::Stormyrain|captains]]... probably [[::Shinann|both]]. The half-[[::Sylvankind|sylvan]] frowned.

But the goal is what it's always been: end Raznel for good. Nothing's changed. I'm sure they knew it wouldn't be easy, so what's tearing at them? Are they thinking they could have made better moves in hindsight? But... we can't let the weight of the past crush us. And everyone needs--

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A passing mage waved a hand in front of Leafi's face. "You in there? Is our event planner working on something big?"

Leafi shook her head suddenly, snapping out of her thoughts, and immediately smiled at the lady before her. "Oh, no, I was--daydreaming, a little out of it. Maybe I had too much chocolate..." She flashed a mischievous grin, then added, "...is what some might say, but what do they know? No such thing as too much chocolate!"

Leafi waved a hand dismissively, set her whetstone down, then picked a bacon-and-chocolate cookie from the Twilight Hall cart and tore into it with aplomb, her teeth ripping most of the treat into her mouth. "Yrh shhd hhv nn tto," she mumbled through a mouthful, nodding eagerly.

The mage shook her head, struggling not to laugh. "I... no thank you, I just ate. I'm only glad you're alright." Leafiara nodded briskly, and the lady offered a curtsy and stepped away, heading toward her locker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The cleric watched her go, then picked up her whetstone when she was out of sight and resumed sharpening her blade, chewing idly on what was left of the cookie.

--everyone needs someone to anchor them. Those who can keep level heads or even smile no matter the situation. Those who remind us what we're fighting to defend. You were right those three years ago, Rubi. At a time like this, the townspeople need... Pukk. And [[::Cruxophim|Crux]]. Evia. Cryheart, Owly, [[::Xorus_Kul'shin|Xorus]], [[::Madmountan|Mad]], Claudaro, Maags, Pietra, Lazaryth, Casiphia... I'm counting on all of you. Let's be strength in troubled times. Let's "keep this place whole"... was that it, Rubi?

Leafi tucked the whetstone away and examined the pure white blade by firelight. She nodded briefly, then slipped it into her cape.

And Mother and the new [[::Brotherhood of Rooks|Rooks]]... I hope my instincts are right about you. Since I'm betting everything on this war, I--

Leafiara shook her head, then stood and brushed a bit of lint away from the skirt of her new sundress before preparing to move the food cart. "We'll need you too, you know," she said with a grin--and strode away, leading it to Town Square Central.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From behind a corner, a small group watched the half-sylvan cleric go, then started to share gossip about an insane lass who talked to food carts.