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Original Story: Ivastaen 6, 5121

A letter delivered to Burrow Way:



I meant every word I said to you, as I always do, that I thought there were better paths forward for the Rooks. I thought a formal alliance was the best one, but since you rejected it, I'll offer the second best one.

Like I said, this past year has been about perception and reality. Vlashandra's manipulations, then Malluch's, then Amos' and the Daily Darkstone. I used to believe that reality always won, that it was good enough for something to merely be true, but that isn't the case.

The good news is that you hold all the cards to turn the situation around. As you've said many times, the Rooks are our citizens--our friends, our siblings, even our orphans. The Brotherhood of the Rooks is, in a real way, the Brotherhood of the Landing.

But "in a real way" isn't enough. Many people think your organization is made up entirely of self-serving people who don't offer anything constructive to the town in their daily lives. That's the perception, so that's the reality--even if it's not. I hope you see my meaning.

Prove everyone wrong. Show the people who the Rooks are. Find twenty, fifty, even a hundred of your Rooks whose faces and contributions are well known among their neighbors, who are willing to demask, and have them rally others to your side. The town can war with beaked masks, but it cannot war with citizens who have faces.

Change perception.

Change the tide of battle.

Not only the upcoming one, but every future battle. As you said, we have to consider every tomorrow to come, not only the present conflict that we'll bring to an end.

Good luck to you in this clash for the Landing's future.