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Original Story: Olaesta 1, 5120

Pinned to the oak tree in Town Square Central:

To our Landing citizens, neighbors, allies, and adventurers:

Words could never be enough to express how grateful and honored I am to serve as our mayor this year. I had tried to draft a list of people to show my appreciation to in this letter, for either their direct support or the many ways they've helped me grow into who I am now--but as that list approached two hundred names with more to come, to say nothing of thinking through what I'd need to write to each of them, I had to concede that even if I covered every wall in Moot Hall with parchments, there wouldn't be enough room to say everything that I wish I could.

Thankfully, my actions this coming year can speak for me, and I promise I'll give the Landing everything I have since it's made me everything I am. As a town, we'll continue working through complicated challenges together, even when we're at odds with each other. Our passion is our strength and there's immeasurable value in the clash of ideals. We will bicker, we will fight, we will get into shouting matches, and yet at the end we'll emerge better for it all, as a free people creating our own path forward.

I'm sure many are wondering which first moves I'll make. I have a lengthy list of ideas to consider already, some my own and others suggested by our people. Most of them need approval from our town council, so no promises, but I'll be working on writing proposals throughout the week and always welcome more. Everything is on the table from a new museum display to mithril-guarded safe rooms, and from a simple trash bin to a plan for taming and training wandering roltons.

Of course, I also have a few early things on the agenda that bureaucracy can't delay:

1 - Starting on the 5th, I'll be holding weekly meetings, alternating Restdays at 11 in the evening and Feastdays at 4 in the afternoon. Bring your proposals, ideas, questions, and more and we'll have open discussions about improving and protecting the Landing, our home. We'll break for major festivals, but otherwise should be consistent throughout the year!

2 - Even outside of these weekly meetings, I have an open door policy that goes beyond Moot Hall. I like to meet our people where they are, so I welcome discussions any time in Town Square Central, the east tower, the Raging Thrak trophy room, and most anywhere else. As long as I'm in the town gates and haven't secluded myself at a table for food or a private conversation, please consider me available! I also intend to be at most of the bounty help events hosted on the first and third Feastdays of each month, just outside of our local Adventurer's Guild, and probably at least half of Twilight Hall's public events.

3 - With the aid of a certain individual who I've spoken with, I'd like to try to locate the assassin who was taking limbs from mayoral candidates. (For that individual's protection, I won't name names publicly.) We don't have much to go on other than sightings of a green eye, so I'll understand if locating the assassin isn't possible right now--but if our tracker or any of their associates believe it is possible, or that we can even find so much as a clue, we'll do what we can to aid.

Naturally, this is all only the beginning. Here's to celebrating the past foundations and accomplishments of Lylia, Cruxophim, Puptilian, Walkar, Stennis, and other mayors before me, and to looking forward toward the year of chaotic progress ahead!


Mayor Leafiara