Cruxophim (prime)

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Closest rendition of Cruxophim (Artist Unknown)
"Happy Cannibal Noises."
Race Aelotoi
Class Empath
Profession Occult Philanthropist
Religion [[::Zelia|Zelian]], unconfirmed
Affiliation(s) Order of the Shadow
In-a-Word Iconoclast
Disposition Cunning, Cruel, Nihilistic
Demeanor Polite, Playful, Charming
Primary Trait Trickster
Secondary Trait Symbiote
Flaw [[::Althedeus|Shadow]]-induced Sociopathy
Greatest Strength Manipulation, Adaptation
Greatest Weakness Preternatural Hunger
Habits Cannibalism
Hobbies Cooking, Crafting, ["Art"]
Soft Spots Protective of Goblyn
Likes Psychological Probing
Dislikes Rudeness, Wastefulness
Fears None [Loss of Control]
Loyalties The Interesting or Useful
Spouse Goblyn
A much younger Crux (Image courtesy of Tisket)

Cruxophim "Crux" XIII (pronounced 'kro͞osə-fim' or 'kro͞osō-fim') is ostensibly an Aelotoi of dubious origins, an Empath in theory (although he often refers to himself more accurately as a high-functioning sociopath), a practitioner of a strange derivative of blood magic, a dabbler in sorcery, a talented (albeit highly unorthodox) [[::SKIN_(verb)|chirurgeon]] and [[::Necleriine|hematologist]], and a devotee of [[::Althedeus|Zelia]].

His 'cherry bread' is notoriously delicious, and any aspersions cast upon such (or the nature of said "cherries") are entirely spurious.

He is currently engaged to the delightful Goblyn, proprietor of the Pie Shop [est. 5117 in the Small Park], and is employed as her Backroom Supplier... which as it turns out, is a different sort of euphemism than one might expect.


He is known by a variety of pseudonyms, including (but not limited to) the following: Blood Reaver, Lichborn, Blackwing, Bone Collector, the Butcher, Bone Bird, Swabby, Cruxypoo, Arm Grower, Cruxophotomus, Art Supply, Lenore, Stumpy, Jingle Man, Crunchophim, Cruxoprim, Winged Bat, Damned Bat, Blood Weirdo, and "Mayor". It is suspected that his primary moniker, "Cruxophim", may be some sort of alias or title of unknown origin as well; his true name may or may not be known by an extremely small number of individuals, some of which may not still be among the living.


  • Unveiled:
You see Mayor Cruxophim the Blood Reaver.
He appears to be an Aelotoi.
He is possessed of a statuesque height and has a gaunt, spare physique. He appears to have come of age.
He has black hollows that frame crimson-veined luminous yellow eyes and pallid black-veined ceraceous skin.
He has long, windswept raven-black hair haphazardly threaded with various tiny slivers of decaying bone, the matted disarray held to one side by a blackened crow skull ornament.
He has a gaunt, almost skeletal face and a glowing red claw-shaped mark scorched into his flesh.
He has a pair of blood red-veined deep black wings.
  • Veiled:
Through a sinister black haze, you see an aelotoi Champion of Zelia with pallid black-veined ceraceous skin and black hollows that frame crimson-veined luminous yellow eyes. Interspersed within the dim aura are miniature white skulls that float around him.
Through a sinister black haze, you see a Death Arcanist of Bloodriven Village with faintly luminous crimson-veined luminous yellow eyes. Unctuous black locusts flit savagely around his shadowed figure, which is covered in charred-edged stylized characters.


He is wearing a short-crowned black silk capotain, some [[::WoundedWear|circular black-lensed goggles]] thickly spattered with blood and viscera, some sleek ebon leather pauldrons paneled with beveled glaes bands, a moon-filled [[::MoonShard_pendant|black ora pendant]], a billowy cloak of shadows, a wire-bound raven skull fetish, a shadowy black bone phalange, a claw-bound crow skull fetish, a smooth black ebonwood kit slung over his shoulder, a bone-edged witchwood case slung over his other shoulder, a chain-bound small eldritch coffin, a weathered leather harness made from a multitude of straps over some segmented sleek dark body armor with a sleek black silk shirt heavily drenched with shadowy viscous blood underneath, a dark array of [[::WoundedWear|swathed stygian bands]] heavily drenched with shadowy viscous blood, some sleek [[::Shadowdeath_vambraces_(saved_post)|black alloy vambraces]], some [[::GoryWeapons_(saved_posts)|dark steel articulated gauntlets]], a blackened raven skull ring, an obsidian ring of thorns, a carved scaphoid bone ring, a cage of decrepit bone, a dark skeleton key strung from a twisted chain, an incarnadine black-veined organ, some soft black leather pants, and some knee-high strapped black boots.


History & Origins

Cruxophim is a moniker of unclear etymology; his 'true' name - insomuch as he has one - may or may not be Thirteen (or XIII), as designated by the brand on his forearm:
The dark and strangely precise lines of the tattoo form a bold X, followed immediately by three vertical bars in perfect parallel symmetry with one another. The pieces are conjoined at random intervals by an array of tiny circles and finer lines, which intersect with the disparate elements to bring a sense of mechanical cohesion to the collective form of the symbol. The skin directly beneath the bold black tattoo is oddly raised, as if it was etched and cauterized by some atypical alien means.
He may or may not also have another true name.

Birth/Creation & Earliest Known Days

Disciple of the Lich

The Blood Reaver

Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing [5117-5118]

In 5117, Cruxophim was elected the [3rd player-elected] Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing by 114 votes, to the horror and consternation of many.


One of Cruxophim's first actions while in office was to appoint eleven Advisors, to assist with duties and offer counsel as needed.

  • "The following are the individuals which I have requested for the position of Advisor to the Mayor, chosen for their long-standing service and dedication to Wehnimer's Landing:"
    • Avalera: As my Counselor in matters of Religion and Spirituality, and as an Envoy to the Order of the Silver Gryphon.
    • Dergoatean: Will be retained on a voluntary basis as needed or available (at his discretion), to offer his knowledge on matters of Occult Languages & Translation.
    • Dirra: As my Counselor in Imperial matters, and hopefully, as an Envoy to our neighbors in Solhaven and the Order of the Azure Sun.
    • Hapenlok: As my Counselor in matters of Warfare, Defense, and Elemental Magic, and to act as a Scout (subordinate to Thrayzar) if needed.
    • Leafiara: As a general liaison for Public Relations, and to act as an Envoy to our neighbors in Icemule Trace.
    • Lylia: As my Counselor in matters of Diplomacy and Law, and to act as Envoy to our neighbors in the Faendryl Enclave.
    • Riend: As an Envoy to the Landing Defense Irregulars, and as my Counselor in matters of Propriety & Decorum... and perhaps also bathing.
    • Rowmi: As a general liaison for Public Relations, and my Counselor in matters of Mentalism.
    • Sareyna: As a general liaison for Public Relations, and my Envoy in welcoming new friends and allies seeking Citizenship within the Landing.
    • Stormyrain: As my Counselor in matters of Warfare and Defense, and as a Captain and Representative of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia.
    • Xorus: As my Counselor in matters of History, Occult Lore, and Magic.
    • Kayse Thaellian: As my Counselor in matters of Trade and Negotiation. Officially replaced Rowmi after his departure from the Landing.
    • Maylan: As my Representative and general liaison on behalf of the people of Shanty Town and their interests.
    • Later resigned from position as Advisor.

The Mayor's Minutes

  • 4/15/5117 - [[::Mayor%27s_Minutes#Mayor.27s_Minutes.2C_4.2F15.2F5117|Carenos' Questioning, Goblyn's Arrest, and Kayse's Request]]
  • 4/21/5117 - [[::Mayor%27s_Minutes#Mayor.27s_Minutes.2C_4.2F21.2F5117|Carenos' Identity, Orphanage Donation, Grats Holoni, Duskruin, and Blood Testing]]
  • 5/10/5117 - [[::Mayor%27s_Minutes#Mayor.27s_Minutes.2C_5.2F10.2F5117|Extended Trip, Rashi's Exploding Head, Thanks to Newsby and Dreaven, Grats to Roelaren, a Mysterious Triangle, and Advisor's Meeting]]
  • 5/31/5117 - [[::Mayor%27s_Minutes#Mayor.27s_Minutes.2C_5.2F31.2F5117|Lana's Memorial Service, the Trial/Poisoning/Fate of Carenos, More Missing Persons, Goblyn Games, and Rodnay Survives]]
  • To be continued...

Evolution of the Shadow Symbiote

Illum oportet crescere me autem minui, ignis aurum probat.