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Gender Female
Race Half-elf
Status alive
Relationship(s) NA
Alias/Title NA
Affiliation(s) Luukos


You see Priestess Lucinne.
She appears to be a Half-Elf of the Tehir tribes.
She is average height and has a curvy, yet lithe, body.  She appears to be very young.  She has long-lashed amber eyes and nut brown skin.  She has very long, coiled, dark brown hair woven in a plethora of narrow, frayed braids.  She has a round face and a somewhat flat, flare-nostriled nose.
She has a series of overlapping greyish white scales tattooed upon the left side of her face, a scaly green and grey sleeve tattoo inked on her right arm, and a pair of matching sanguine-hued tattoos darkens her feet.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a hexagon-patterned silk headscarf, a cross-body weapon harness with an iron pilum in its straps, a mustard yellow chest-wrap fringed with oblong ivory beads, a bronze shield, a series of carved bone bangles, a heavy and wide girdle of green armor scales, a short and narrow belt sheath, and some mustard yellow linen serwals with embroidered ankle cuffs.


Raising her hands to chest level, Lucinne turns her palms to her chest and laces her pinkies together.  She then touches her thumbs together over the crooked knuckles of her inner two fingers while touching the pads of her index fingers together.  Closing her eyes, she brings the warding sign close to her forehead for a brief moment before separating her fingers.

Glancing out the opening of the tent, Lucinne intently watches everyone that passes.  Remaining as still as a sunbathing lizard, she slowly narrows her eyes as she watches.

Kneeling before a bowl of incense, Lucinne weaves her hands sinuously in the perfumed air.  She pulls the pale smoke towards her and lets it wash against her nut brown skin.

Lucinne watches as a subtle breeze sets the flames within a nearby brazier to dancing.

Twisting to the left and right, Lucinne rolls her bare shoulders and performs several small hops.

Canting her head to the side, Lucinne shifts her feet so that she is in a defensive stance, her right hand flying to the haft of the pilum on her back.

Lucinne stares at a particularly dense patch of shadow for several moments.  Lowering her eyes demurely, she whispers a respectful greeting.

Standing over a large copper-bowled brazier, Lucinne performs a small ritual that causes the scented smoke to take on the shape of a green asp.  Whispering a command to it, she watches as it slithers out into the night.


Dark Remaining expressionless, Lucinne says, "What is the dark if not a reprieve from the blinding light?"
Caligos Glancing about, Lucinne says, "I will be pleased to leave this sickened land."
Ghezresh Narrowing her eyes, Lucinne says, "He is no more than an evil spirit that is unable to sleep. Even the Winter Witch will not take one such as he."
Gosaena Lowering her voice, Lucinne says, "Death that comes in silence is to be respected."
Lies Arching one brow, Lucinne says, "Lies? In the desert, we learn that the only truth is your own. What you call a lie may only be someone else's truth."
Lorminstra Stifling a scoff, Lucinne matter-of-factly states, "I have seen the cold season of the north. Let those that choose the barrenness of ice go to the Winter Witch."
Luukos Murmuring a soft prayer, Lucinne touches the tips of her fingers to her forehead, followed by her lips, throat, and heart.
Species Lacing her fingers together before her, Priestess Lucinne says, "There are some few ghost still bound to the false one. Should you present me with a bauble, I can return to you species that can be used to pull them from him."
Villagers Casually rolling her shoulders, Lucinne says, "Those who do not walk in the sun are destined to be cold in the shade."
Warning Inclining her head, Lucinne says, "Those who do not see the signs in the sand are sure to be consumed by its many treacheries. I am not one that would ignore such a thing, especially if lips it falls from are blue."

Priestess Lucinne's Shrine

[Sea of Fire, Shield of Lapis]
Situated in the bowl of a dormant volcano, the landscape abuts the edge of a vast desert. Lava tubes, black and red in the moonlight, rise on the western edge, their cracked peaks bespeaking their hollowness. At the heart of the crater, a towering sandstone statue rises above a dark basalt altar that is ringed by torches embedded in the sand.

  • Lava Tubes: Rising like malformed pillars into the sky, the lava tubes are bulbous in body with coarse surfaces. Concentric bands radiate outward from the structure, each appearing as if the ground froze in the middle of boiling. Large cracks split the tops to reveal a smooth interior that is hollow.
  • a tower sandstone statue: Carved of sandstone to resemble a female warrior, the statue is smooth due to years of abuse in the windswept desert. Her head is held high, the multiple braids that adorn her scalp spilling from a fringed headscarf to cascade over her shoulders and back. She holds a spear in her right hand that is taller than she is, while in her open, left palm is a coiled elapid. Balancing on one red-stained foot, the statue's right foot rests upon her pallid left thigh.
  • a spear: Embedded deeply into the sand, the smooth and narrow haft of the sandstone spear is cracked and chipped. An entire section near the sandstone statue's waist is broken and missing, though the rest of the haft remains firmly grasped in her hands. Flint as large as a giantman's thigh rests at the top, which is encircled by a ring of feathers and small, ivory vermin skulls.
  • a coiled elapid: Comprised of wedded red and white sandstones, a coiled carving of an elapid rests within the open palm of a towering sandstone statue. Its wide mantle is flared and carved with large scales, the contrasting stones used to perfection to create a simple banded pattern. Tiny eyes of black jasper follow the line of the serpent's downturned snout, causing it to gaze at a dark basalt altar.
  • a dark basalt altar: Black with micro-incursions of olivine, the basalt altar is enormous and fused to a bevy of igneous rock that ranges in hue from pure white to coppery red. Slightly bowed at the center, the smooth surface is interrupted by intricate carvings that travel its circumference. Tiny burrs of red sandstone rest at the peak of inverted teardrops that ring the altar.

Quests of Priestess Lucinne

5120 - A Tale of Death
5121 - A Tale of Ownership