A Tale of Ownership

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Last year, three priests came to Caligos Isle. They ventured there on Captain Junderthal’s ship and talked about how they had been chosen by their clergy to discover what was happening to the souls on Caligos.

Upon arriving, they discovered that the mist was not only poisoning the souls and bodies of the denizens that lived there but upon death was trapping them there as well. Tortured into a half-existence, the ghosts, waiflings, shades, and specters were forced to relive the moment of their death over and over and over.

With the aid of Adventurers, each priestess blessed the species that washed in with the tide. When they were FLIPped at the ghosts, it would instill them with a bit of favor from the deity whose name they were blessed in. After a time, when some favor was washed away and replaced with new favor, the ghosts would either be released or eternally damned.

Near the Eve of the Reunion

Brother Aoden brought those that supported him to a Mountain Shrine in the DragonSpine to perform a ceremony for the departed to guide them to Winter.

Priestess Lucinne brought those that supported her to the Sea of Fire to something known as Shield of Lapis. There, she performed a ceremony with the aid of others and consigned those they had saved to the service of Luukos.

Seer Veidae brought those that supported them to Wyrdeep Forest and into some hidden ruins where, they, too, performed a ceremony to guide those that had been saved to oblivion.

Confident in her followers, Olienne blessed the species given to her and continued to fight to keep the souls that Ghezresh had gathered with her. She had other tasks as well that kept her attention.

Quest: A Tale of Ownership

This year, after a year of being on the island, the three priests find themselves trapped on the island like many of its denizens. It seems that the longer you stay on Caligos, the harder it is to get away and only Captain Junderthal’s presence allows most to leave but he guarantees they will return.

As such, they find themselves with additional knowledge, additional purpose, and are prepared to fight for this year.

Six ghosts, those that remain from the Original Fall of Caligos, wander the island. These are the first deceivers of Ghezresh and as such, they are more difficult to sway from their lord.

And as the Eve of the Reunion nears again, not all of the Priests of Death are prepared to meet their makers.

The Quest, A Tale of Ownership, begins on October 8th at 9pm.

The fight for the souls of the departed on Caligos has begun and you can help in the battle for their souls.


Step One

If you want to offer the haunted spirits redemption, then bring a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to Brother Aoden, who will bless them so that the ghosts can be entered into Lorminstra’s embrace.

If you want to offer eternal damnation, then bring a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to the Priestess Lucinne, who will bless them so that the ghosts can be conscripted into Luukos’ army.

If you believe that oblivion is the only path for the betrayers, then bring a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to Seer Veidae.

If you believe that Ghezresh has a right to keep his Deceivers, then bring a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to Father Thombe and he will infuse them with the power of Ghezresh.

This year, a fifth deity has entered the battle for these souls. Galaytea is here to offer forgiveness to those that turned away from her Grandfather, Charl, and offer them a peaceful place amid the sea where Lady Niima’s friends abide.

Step Two

Once you have a blessing, find one of the haunted spirits and FLIP your species at them. You can analyze the species in case you are uncertain what the haunts look like.

There are only 6 such haunted spirits….

Will you decide their Fate?

Quest Conclusion in Prime

The Quest a Tale of Ownership has come to its conclusion.

If you have species, you may go to any of the following people and have them reverted to a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble. If you try to give them to these people, then they will share with you their opinion on who would best be served by receiving them.

At the end of the day, the following were saved and in the following ways:

A white-robed fragile elven woman went into Oblivion to be part of Gosaena's final silence. A slime-draped ethereal elven skeleton went to Lorminstra and beyond the Ebon Gates. A seaweed and barnacle-covered shade went to Lorminstra and beyond the Ebon Gates. A transparent elven haunt went to Lorminstra and beyond the Ebon Gates. An ethereal elven waifling went to Lorminstra and beyond the Ebon Gates. A shambling desiccated elf went to Lorminstra and beyond the Ebon Gates.

Under the Hood

a shambling dessicated elf

Transparent in form, the elf appears to be the haunted remains of an Ashrim, decades in the grave. Antiquated clothing, draping from his gaunt form in tattered strips, hints at a time long lost, while ethereal jewelry clings to his skeletal wrists and fingers. Black and white gems lodged in his spectral finery glint with golden light.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 0
Gosaena - 4605
Lorminstra - 5005
Luukos - 905
Niima - 0

a transparent elven haunt

Waif-thin, flesh dangling from every visible space upon his form, the haunt is the broken remains of an ancient elf whose clothing may have been the height of fashion in his day, but is now just a ruinous mess of tattered cloth. Light passes through his emaciated form, which is wreathed in spectral eels that slip in and out of his bones and empty eye sockets. Light passes through an emaciated form wreathed in spectral snowflakes that gust and swirl through his bones and empty eye sockets.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 0
Gosaena - 3730
Lorminstra - 5005
Luukos - 525
Niima - 0

a white-robed fragile elven woman

Pearlescent buttons decorate the high-collar, forearms, and spine of a white gown that hugs the fragile elven woman's body, while gossamer robes of a matching moon-white hue dangle in tatters from her ethereal frame. Everything about her seems to drift as if flowing in unseen water. Feathery layers of grey fog hug her shoulders, spreading like wings to waver on the air behind her.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 0
Gosaena - 5005
Lorminstra - 2480
Luukos - 10
Niima - 0

a slime-draped ethereal elven skeleton

Ectoplasmic slime hugs the ethereal form of the skeleton, whose lineage speaks of an ancient, forgotten elven descent. Moon-bright bones, transparent and wavering, stand out from the ichor-hued trappings and seem grotesquely twisted as he shambles along. Flecks of golden phosphorescence glow within the skeleton's glistening coating.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 0
Gosaena - 1025
Lorminstra - 5005
Luukos - 380
Niima - 0

a seaweed and barnacle-covered shade

Barely discernible as an elf, the shade's limbs are tangled in ropes of seaweed, and all exposed bone, bright white in the ambient light, is riddled with barnacles. Appearing like freckles, the barnacles darken his high cheekbones and forehead, while blue lips soundlessly work out some forgotten prayer. Ice glistens where it has formed upon his body, enveloping whole strips of seaweed and several barnacles in its pellucid frigidity.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 110
Gosaena - 470
Lorminstra - 5010
Luukos - 10
Niima - 0

an ethereal elven waifling

Skeins of seaweed-tangled hair float in a wispy halo about the waifling's head, her face a ravaged waste where barnacles have collected along her aquiline nose. A high-collared, sleeveless coat trimmed in braided embroidery sags on her gaunt form, while bloused pantaloons hide the desiccated flesh of her lower extremities. A translucent golden key flickers in and out of visibility, hung on a long chain about her neck.

The battle for this Ghost's Soul stands at:
Ghezresh - 0
Gosaena - 2835
Lorminstra - 5005
Luukos - 0
Niima - 0