Prentius Anodheles

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Prentius Anodheles was the son of emperor Rallick Anodheles II of the Turamzzyrian Empire. He lived from approximately 4907 to 4921 M.E., his regency lasted from 4916 to 4921 M.E.

Prentius was nine and in line to become the next emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire when his father died in 4916. Too young to take the throne, young Prentius was placed in a regency under his uncle, Baermar Anodheles. Five years passed and it seemed that Prentius would eventually assume his place upon the Sun Throne, until the House of Kestrel came forward with Trydall Anodheles. They claimed Trydall was the rightful heir to the throne through an illicit affair between Empress Lyssandra Anodheles and Paltrach, the Patriarch of the Church of Koar, at the time. It was believed that Lyssandra had died without heirs, and her nephew, Rallick Anodheles assumed the throne and was followed since from his bloodline.

However, according to the Rysus Codex, Trydall's claim to the throne was more legitimate than Prentius'. The fourteen year old son of Rallick II was not without his supporters, which included four of the great families of the Empire, including the House of Chandrennin. Unfortunately, it was not enough to support his claim when the Church of Koar held a commune which validated Trydall's bloodline. With the support of the Church of Koar, Trydall's position was solidified and his coronation announced. In a last desperate attempt to keep the throne of his father, Prentius plotted to assassinate Trydall the day of his coronation. The assassination attempt failed. Rather than face recriminations for his efforts, Prentius threw himself from the window of a tower and fell to his death.