Rallick Anodheles

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Rallick Anodheles, also known as Rallick the Valiant, was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire from 4725 to 4771 M.E.

Rallick Anodheles assumed the Sun Throne upon the death of his perceived childless aunt, Lyssandra Anodheles, in 4725. While a claimant named Harland the Bastard emerged, arguing he was the son of Lyssandra and Paltrach, the Patriarch of the Church of Koar at the time, he failed to garner enough support to dethrone Rallick and was forgotten. Under Rallick's reign, the Church of Koar was officially designated the patron deity of the empire, the future city of Jantalar was established, and more importantly, the empire engaged in the Second Elven War.

Rumors of war began under the instigation of the Prelate of Immuron, Prelate Fzendoor, head of the Church of Koar in the Earldom of Honneland, who called for the Imperial Army to drive out against the elves in the east. Rallick heeded the request, formed the empire's army, and marched to Barrett's Gorge in 4769. In the process, he broke with tradition and personally lead the army. The House of Nalfein, situated most closely to the eastern border of the empire responded by sending an ambassador in 4770, in an attempt to deflect the human army. The ambassador fails for two reasons. First, rather than seek peace, he sought to convince Rallick to march on the House of Faendryl, deemed a threat by the Nalfein elves. Second, Rallick learned of brutal Nalfein raids on the eastern fringes of the Empire, and the two combined to convince Rallick to march on Ta'Nalfein. He quickly crushed initial Nalfein opposition to human invasion.

However, fortune turned against Rallick and the Turamzzyrian Empire the next year. The Imperial Army marched into the Nalfein territory to the Susserlin River and fought a second battle against a Nalfein army. Again, the human army was victorious, but in the process, Rallick was mortally wounded by an arrow. Before his death, the emperor placed command of the army in the responsibility of Prelate Fzendoor, whom surreptitiously led the Imperial Army into a trap and disastrous defeat. Rallick's heir, Emperor Theron Anodheles, signed a peace treaty a year later in 4772.