Trydall Anodheles

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Trydall Anodheles was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire. He reigned from 4921 to at least 4935 M.E.

Trydall came to the throne under murky circumstances in 4921 M.E. The last ruler of the Empire, Rallick Anodheles II died in 4916, his son, Prentius Anodheles was only nine years old at the time. As a result, a regency was established with the deceased emperor's brother, Baermar Anodheles named as regent. Five years later, Prentius' claim to the throne was challenged by the House of Kestrel, who present Trydall as the direct descendant of Empress Lyssandra Anodheles and Paltrach, the Patriarch of the Church of Koar at the time, through their illegitimate son Harland the Bastard.

Despite initial protest by Prentius and four of the great families of the Empire, the Rysus Codex allowed for illegitimate offspring to lay claim to the throne. Initially, Empress Lyssandra had been thought to have died without children and the throne was given to her nephew, Rallick Anodheles. Prentius was descended from Rallick's line, which became invalidated after a commune by the Church of Koar established the veracity of Trydall's blood claim.

Prentius attempted to assassinate Trydall on the day of his coronation, but failed and reacted by committing suicide. Perhaps as repayment for their support, Trydall bestowed the hereditary position of Royal Magister upon Ander Kestrel. This effectively gave the Kestrel family a monopoly of the official governance over magical instruction in the empire.