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2010 Update

Category: Clerics
Topic: Cleric General Discussion
Message #: 1433
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 9/24/2010 2:51:45 PM
Subject: Ayanad Crystals Galore

The MEDITATE mechanic has been updated to be less restrictive. Now, Clerics, Empaths (and eventually Savants), can meditate for two minutes under the old mechanics [meaning prior to this change, not years ago], then continue to gain the benefits for an additional ten minutes as long as they remain on a node or sanctuary. You will receive messaging once the two minutes has passed, alerting you that you may interact again. In addition, the effect will now show up under SPELL ACTIVE.

GameMaster Estild

Monk Update

Category: Monks
Topic: Developer's Corner - Monks
Message #: 1276
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 06/29/2015 12:29 AM EDT
Subject: HSN: Monk Meditation

A new meditation ability for monks has just been released. Monks now have the inherent ability to resist chosen damage types through use of the MEDITATE verb. Although only one damage type at a time may be resisted, the monk may choose different damage types freely, at only the cost of a few seconds of meditative preparation each time.

The amount of resistance is 10%, plus 2% per bonus point as per a seed 1 summation of the monk's Mental Lore, Transformation ranks. Thus, a monk with 28 ranks of ML: Transformation would have a 24% resistance ability, and a monk with 91 ranks would have a 36% resistance.

Happy meditation!

Category: Monks
Topic: Developer's Corner - Monks
Message #: 1286
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 06/30/2015 10:33 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: Monk Meditation

>How does this work with resistances on armor / armor accessories?

The higher resistance prevails; they aren't additive or multiplicative. On the other hand, vulnerabilities and resistances can both be in effect at once, and will counterbalance each other. It is unlikely to come up with a bard's 1014 and a monk's meditation for obvious reasons, of course, but perhaps with other armor.