Malinya (prime)

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Malinya Astald'elen Vaalor
Malinya courtesy of Tisket
Race Elf
Culture Vaalor
Hometown Ta'Vaalor
Class Warrior
Profession Soldier
Affiliation(s) Crimson Legion Reserves
Wyvern's Honor
In-a-Word Taciturn
Disposition Serious
Demeanor Cool
Loyalties Ta'Vaalor
Qalinor Vaalor, Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion

Malinya Astald'elen Vaalor is a Squire Legionnaire in the Crimson Legion Reserves. She is also currently an officer in the Wyvern's Honor.


You see Squire Legionnaire Malinya Astald'elen Vaalor.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is average height and has a trim figure.  She appears to be young and untried.  She has large, lavender-sheened dark lilac-hued eyes, glossy eahnor red full lips, and fair skin.  She has long, sleek champagne-hued hair tied into a loose ponytail with a crimson-hued gold-trimmed hair-tie.  She has a straight nose and delicately curving, svelte pointed ears.  The pale blonde of her hair is echoed in her lashes and eyebrows, the former being long and curled and the latter arching strikingly.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a billowing crimson cape, a dark crimson jacket adorned at the shoulders with gold braid tied into one knot of rank, a crimson blouse, a pair of polished crimson and gold bracers, a pair of crimson suede gloves, a knotted crimson sash with a diamond-edged slender eahnor longsword and a ceremonial vaalorn longsword hanging from it, a slender curved lasimor scabbard, some crisp crimson-striped black trousers, and a pair of short black shoes with oak buckles and a ruby set at the heel.


While Malinya's father was Vaalorian, her mother was born into House Illistim and raised in Ta'Illistim. After their marriage, Malinya's parents took up residence in a manor on the outskirts of Ta'Vaalor. Malinya was the second born child of three.


When Malinya was barely ninety, her father insisted she enlist in the reserves to fulfill her military requirement. He had served for centuries in the Crimson Legion, achieving the rank of Legionnaire Commander, and he held his children to an exacting standard with regard to their own service.

Malinya was slow to accept her role in the legion. Within her first year, she had taken a so-called "leave of absence", and moved to River's Rest to live the life of a river rat. In the end, this experience was short-lived and she returned to Ta'Vaalor within a few months. It didn't take long, however, for her to once again grow weary of the life of a soldier. She spent more time alone, distancing herself from those she previously called friends. She became increasingly intractable, and her relationship with her father was more difficult than ever before. Unexpectedly – and uncharacteristically – her father made arrangements for her to take a lengthy (and official) leave of absence, commanding her firmly yet kindly to take time to "come to terms with service".

Doing so was a slow process, but in time life in the legion became easier. It was about this time that trouble began to stir in the keep. The sorcerer, Vindicto, wrought havoc on Ta'Vaalor. He came first with bands of orcs; as he strengthened, he was emboldened, and brought hordes of undead, and then demons. Night after night, Malinya would stand at attention at her post at the Amaranth Gate, fighting to keep the undead at bay. During the day she would chop trees to stock the ballista.

In 5117, King Qalinor, Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion Reserves, presented Malinya with a campaign medal for her service during the Battle of Old Ta'Faendryl. At that time, she was also awarded an achievement medal – a tiny silver handaxe – for her efforts in keeping the town's ballista stocked.


After Vindicto was defeated, Malinya took yet another leave of absence, this one brief. Not even those closest to her knew where she went, or why. To this day, she maintains her silence when pressed.

She returned not long after, ready to once again defend her king and her homeland.