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Mana flares are a special type of flare only found on runestaves that return mana to the caster. The mana returned is 20% of the spell's mana cost or 1 mana per tier, whichever is greater. For example, if a caster has a T5 mana flare runestaff, when casting Elemental Defense I (401), they have the chance to gain 5 mana. When casting Heroism (215), they have the chance to gain 15 mana. Mana flares range in tier from 1 to 5. Mana flaring staves may be found at festivals and pay events in merchant shops usually in +2 form. They can be also found in the treasure system usually at +1 and rarely +2.

Mana flares are unique in being able to trigger when casting defensive, or even utility spells like Purification Song (1004), and mass effect attack spells such as Song of Depression (1015) or Song of Sonic Disruption (1030). The bardsongs will only trigger the flare with the CAST verb (i.e. initial start of the Song); the RENEW verb will not trigger a flare.

Like acuity flares, mana flares as a merchant service can be categorized as common, uncommon, and special.

Common Uncommon Special
+1-2 +3-4 +5

Special flares are unlikely to be seen outside of pay events such as RTCF. Duskruin Arena events have sold both starter (direct to +3) vouchers, as well as increase (add +1 to existing) certificates.

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