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The Return to Coraesine Field was a service-oriented pay event that took place over several sessions during the summer of 2013.

Schedule and Ticketing

Prime 1 - June 7th-14th
Premium tickets available May 1st, noon and 8pm EST
General admission tickets available May 2nd, noon and 8m EST
Prime 2 - August 2nd-9th
Tickets available in July
Prime 3 - September 6th-13th
Tickets available in August
Platinum - July 12th-19th
Shattered - TBD

Each run will begin at 9 pm EST on the first day and end at 3 AM EST (midnight PST) on the last day, with the majority of services taking place within the first three days.

100 tickets will be sold for each run. There will also be one free ticket per run available in the game by opening envelopes found in boxes. Ticket sales will be staggered throughout the day.


Starting May 1st, critter boxes will have a chance to contain an envelope. When opened, the envelope will contain one of:

  • A flier (worthless)
  • A voucher, good for discounts or special items if you attend the event
  • A free ticket to the event

Once opened, the rewards inside will be transferable to other characters on the same account, but not to other accounts.

Major Services

There will be 101 major services per run, allowing a guarantee of one major service per ticket (assuming attendance and participation). These will be available during the opening weekend. Once you have received a major service, you will no longer be eligible for further major services that run.

Major Services
Service Quantity Release Method Merchant
+5 Enchant 10 TBD TBD
+10 Padding 10 4 Raffle, 4 Auction, 2 Spinner TBD
+10 Weighting 10 TBD TBD
+30 Resistance 10 4 Raffle, 4 Auction, 2 Spinner TBD
+10 Sighting 5 4 Raffle/Spinner, 1 Auction TBD
+10 TD 5 2 Raffle, 2 Auction, 1 Undecided TBD
Self Charging Item Creation (Defensive Buffs) 5 2 Raffle, 2 Auction, 1 Undecided Taeliryn
Self Charging Item Creation (Offensive Buffs) 5 2 Raffle, 2 Auction, 1 Undecided TBD
Weight Reducing containers 5 1 Auction, 4 Raffle/Spinner Glimger
ChronoFlares 1 Spinner Skryn
Make-a-Returner 1 Raffle Rashiva
Blink Weapons 3 Raffle TBD
Splitting Weapons 5 Raffle TBD
Defensive Item Creation 2 1 Raffle, 1 Auction TBD
Custom Creature Bane Weapon 5 Raffle/Spinner Ledirth
Troll Creature Bane Weapon 2 Raffle/Spinner Ledirth
Orc Creature Bane Weapon 2 Raffle/Spinner Ledirth
Giant Creature Bane Weapon 2 Raffle/Spinner Ledirth
ExtraPlanar Creature Bane Weapon 2 Raffle/Spinner Ledirth
Pure Coraesine Weapon 1 Auction Glimger
Soul Glove/Spirit Bow 1 Auction TBD
Permabless 1 Raffle TBD
AsG Change 2 Prime: 1 Raffle, 1 Spinner. Plat: 1 Raffle, 1 Auction Sauli
Chrism Holder Creation (enhancive 303 knowledge) 1 TBD TBD
ClimateWear Creation (enhancive 608 knowledge) 1 Auction Taeliryn
Gory Weapon (enhancive 1617 knowledge) 1 Raffle Hkala
GambleKit Creation (enhancive 1204 knowledge) 1 Raffle TBD


Up to 5 points of enchantment can be added to an existing weapon or armor, including items that have weighting, padding, or flares.


Up to 10 points of padding can be added to an existing item, to a maximum of 30 points of padding (expertly). Both damage and critical padding are available.


Up to 10 points of weighting can be added to an existing melee weapon, to a maximum of 30 points of weighting (expertly). Both damage and critical weighting are available. The weapon may not have flares, warding defense or combat scripts.

Resistance Adding

Up to 30% of resistance to any type or types of damage can be added to an existing armor or shield, to a maximum of 30% total resistances spread among no more than three damage types. Vulnerabilities can be removed on a point-for-point basis.


Up to 10 points of sighting can be added to an existing ranged weapon, to a maximum of 30 points of sighting (expertly).

TD Adding

Up to +10 target defense can be added to an existing item, to a maximum of +20 TD. The final total bonus (DS + TD) cannot exceed 50 points.

Self-Charging Item Creation

Self-charging magical items will be available, holding a variety of offensive and defensive buff spells.

Offensive Buffs

7 times per day
Spirit Strike
Mystic Focus

Weight-Reducing Containers

Containers can be modified to reduce the weight of items stored in them by 25%. This will work with most scripts but is not guaranteed to work with all.


Chronomage dagger scripting can be added to an existing dagger no greater than 6x in enchant. Weighting and flares are allowed. Chronomage daggers are returners that have a chance to flare for additional strikes.


An existing hand axe, war hammer, dagger, quoit, discus, or javelin can be made into a returning weapon. This script will work with most flares and weighting, but not other combat scripts.

Blink Weapons

An existing unscripted melee weapon can be made into a blink weapon.

Splitting Weapons

An existing melee weapon can be made into a locked splitting weapon, allowing it to split into two weapons of half the enchant. Weighting and flares are allowed, but not scripts. Locked splitting weapons can be unlocked, allowing them to split into two weapons of the original enchant.

Defensive Item Creation

An item can be made into a DB item. Ear, ears, socks, undergarment, hair, and pinworn items are not eligible.

Bane Weapons

A bane script can be added to an existing melee weapon, allowing that item to have special flares or 8 points of weighting when attacking a certain type of enemy. Some of the winners will be able to pick a specific creature (including "bandit" and "Grimswarm") and receive flares or 12 points of weighting instead. In addition, an undead bane weapon will be able to strike undead enemies without requiring a blessing. Banes can generally be added to any weapon, even those with weighting, existing flares, or combat scripts.

Pure Coraesine Weapon

One +30 pure coraesine weapon will be auctioned off. The winner will be able to choose the base of the weapon, though it must be bladed and not a katana or claidhmore. It will be permanently bound to the winner, and possess the Wind's Whisper, Ball Morph, Thorns of the Wind, tornado flares, Tempest (Call Wind), Quickening (2/day Haste), air flares and double strike flares. Attuning to them will be necessary for the stronger effects and to prevent them resisting or striking back at the wielder.

Soul Glove/Spirit Bow

One composite spirit bow will be auctioned off. The description of the bow as well as the color of the bolts fired can be chosen by the winner.


One weapon can be permanently blessed. This includes holy water flares.

AsG Changing

The AsG of a set of armor can be changed, making it a different type of armor with the properties of the original item. Items with a starting AsG below 12 (cloth and leather) must remain below 12, and items with a starting AsG of 12 or more (chain and plate) must remain above 12. The item's weight will change proportionately (a max lightened item will become a max lightened item of the new AsG).

Chrism Holder

A fully unlocked chrism holder will be avaialble that will also provide enhancive spell knowledge of Prayer of Protection.


A fully unlocked climatewear cloak will be available that can conceal features and will also provide enhancive spell knowledge of Camouflage.

Gory Weapon

A weapon with gore scripts can be created to the winner's specifications. It will also provide enhancive spell knowledge of Zealot. It is possible that these scripts and enhancive knowledge could also be added to an existing item.

Gambling Kit

A fully unlocked gambling kit will be available that can hold up to 50,000 silvers weightlessly and will also provide enhancive spell knowledge of Foresight.

Minor Services

In addition to the major services, there will be many minor services available without restriction.

Acuity/Mana Flare Boosts
Animal Companion Grooming
Armor and Weapon Moods Package
Banshee Flares
Bubble Flares
Common/Uncommon Flares (Armor and Shields)
Common/Uncommon Flares (Weapons)
Custom Loresongs
Custom Nightmares
Custom Perfume
Custom Signature Verbs
Custom Sonics
Custom Spell Preps
Custom Titles
Custom Log On/Off
Defender Bonuses
Disarm Returner
Enhancive Permanence
Enhancive Recharging
Enhancive Removal
Enhancive Swapping
Enhancive Weapons
Epic Deepening
EzScript Package
Feature Concealing Hoods (Not ClimateWear)
Fusion Bows (3-slot)
High End Enchanting Potions
Impure Coraesine
Ironwright Flares
Ithzir Armor Flares
Magic item Recharging
Pocket Adding
Removal Service
Rotating Flares
Rune Tattoos
S Class Battle Minis
Stock Signature Verb Package
Uncommon Sorcerer Rune Teaching
Weightless Containers
...And Much More!

Custom Spell Preps

Custom Postname Titles

Custom Verbs

Uncommon Sorcerer Runes

Lord Vathon will teach uncommon demon summoning runes with no restrictions on the type of demon (abyran'sa included). A rune, once learned, will be able to be taught to two others.

S-Class Siegery Miniatures

Tempering Potions

One bromin, one aleteh and one grenshol potion will be raffled off.

Armor and Weapon Moods


Up to ten custom zests can be added to an unscripted item, to a maximum of ten zests.

Flare Adding

Flares can be added to existing weapons, armor and shields.

Special Flares Available
Mana (runestaves only; add or improve existing flares)
Acuity (runestaves only; add or improve existing flares)
Fire/Cold/Steam rotating flares
Fire/Vibration/Acid rotating flares
Lightning/Cold/Vacuum rotating flares
Cold/Vibration/Unbalance rotating flares
Bubble flares
Banshee flares (shields only)

Rune Tattoos

Tattoos that can be invoked like a scroll a certain number of times per day will be available.

Available Spells
Spell Shield
Major Sanctuary
Phoen's Strength
Self Control
Cloak of Shadows
Empathic Focus
Arcane Barrier

Weightless Containers

Two weightless containers will be available per run, released at max capacity.

Feature-Concealing Hoods

Feature concealing hoods can be added to an existing unscripted item, assuming that item could logically have a hood. The hood will generally need to appear in the short description of the item.

Enhancive Services

Various services relating to enhancive items will be available as a package, with the winner able to take advantage of any or all of them, applying them to the same or different items. The services are: making a crumbly enhancive item persistent; removing an enhancive trait from an item; fully recharging an enhancive item; and swapping an enhancive trait for a similar enhancive trait, as detailed below.

Swapping Categories (swaps are allowed between any two items in the same category)
Strength and Wisdom
Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, Discipline
Logic, Intuition, Influence
Weapon skills (except TWC) and Spell Aiming
Mana Controls

Bubble Flares

Glove/Handwrap Zests

Zested gloves and handwraps will be available for purchase and unlocking. It will also be possible to add these zests to existing gloves and handwraps.

WEAR (handwraps)
You deftly tie on your leather handwraps before raising your hands up and clenching them into fists.
PULL (handwraps)
You adjust the fit of your handwraps, unwrapping and wrapping them a little tighter. That ought to do it!
PUSH (handwraps)
You lace your fingers together and shove them toward each other bunching up the material of your handwraps across the backs of your hands. Let’s hope that softens some blows!
You smoothly move into a ready position, your hands up before you. You quickly punch the air in front of you, and follow it by a short jab, before returning to a more relaxed stance.
You work your way methodically through a series of punches and jabs, alternating between the two. Reaching the end of your training routine you raise your hands up to chest height and slowly crack your knuckles before lowering your hands.
You point randomly in a direction, then turn and point in a different one. Wait, what?
Shirley points in one direction, then turns and points in a different one. Suddenly she stops, a confused look on her face.
POINT (at critter)
You suddenly point at a kobold and bellow an enraged battle cry.
POINT (at player)
You suddenly point two fingers at your eyes and then directly at Vanah.
You clench your fists at your sides and quietly seethe.
CLENCH (at critter)
You clench your fist and smack it against the opposite palm, glaring at a kobold with menace in your eyes.
CLENCH (at player)
You clench one fist and smack it against the opposite palm, glaring at Tamuz mercilessly.
You clap your hands together and rub them vigorously, a grin slowly spreading across your face.
SLAP (while held)
You idly slap your gloves against your leg.
SLAP (at critter)
You stride up to a kobold and slap it with your handwraps. That probably wasn't smart!
TOSS (at critter)
You think about challenging a kobold but realize it might just eat you and your handwraps in response.
TOSS (at player)
You throw your handwraps at Wyrom's feet in a challenge, raising your eyebrow at him.
TOSS (at object)
You hurl your gloves as hard as you can at a slender oak tree. They bounce off harmlessly and fall to the ground.

Custom Loresongs

Loresongs can be added to an unscripted item.

Epic Deepening

Items can be deepened to the maximum depth for their worn location.

Hidden Bracer

This leather vambrace can be loaded with certain ammo, such as lockmastery trap components, smooth stones, sneezing vials, and brimstone gems. It can also discreetly store a small metal-bladed weapon. If its user is not very dexterous, they can jam the ammo while loading it. It will then need to be unloaded. Its user can also unload a loaded vambrace at any time, but it will result in destroying any ammo. No ammo can be recovered once loaded, included jammed ammo.

Once loaded, the vambrace can be pointed at a target to shoot the ammo at it. The user will undergo a series of checks to perception and dexterity, as well as taking the target creature's level into account. If successful, the target will be damaged. Failure will result in the vambrace misfiring and/or backfiring. The ammo is destroyed on contact and cannot be recovered.

Each type of ammo will cause the vambrace to overheat at different levels. If the vambrace isn't used for an hour and hasn't overheated, it will cool down. But once it overheats, its user will need to wait an hour before fixing it. Occasionally, the firing pin will break, requiring a steel spring to fix it.

To fire the vambrace, it will require an empty hand. It can switch which forearm it is worn on by turning it. A highly perceptive user will have much better success when using the vambrace, as well as being able to aim a lot better. It also has a narrow slit at the base of the vambrace where a small metal-bladed weapon can be stored. By pushing and pulling the bracer, its handler can quickly access this weapon.

Removal Services

The following properties can be removed from gear: flares (including some scripted flares), padding, weighting, defender, TD enhancement, spikes, sanctification, resistances, and fluff scripts. Properties that are intrinsic to the item's material cannot be removed.

Pocket Adding

Items that lack pockets will be able to have pockets added. The size of these pockets depends on the worn location, and they will not be able to be deepened further.

Finger/wrist/neck/glove/belt/head/boots: 1 or 2 items of small size
Belt-worn/over the front: 20 pounds for any number of items
Shoulder-worn: 40 pounds for any number of items
Cloak-worn/Backpack: 100 pounds for any number of items

Customized Logon and Logoff Messages

Impure Coraesine

Two impure coraesine weapons will be raffled or spun per run. These will be +30 weapons with the base chosen by the winner, though it must be bladed and not a katana or claidhmore (and the enchant will be reduced on a naginata). They will have the Wind's Whisper, Ball Morph, Thorns of the Wind, air flares and double strike flares. Attuning to them will be necessary for the stronger effects and to prevent them resisting or striking back at the wielder.

Black/White Ora Activation

White ora weapons can be made into tier 2 Iasha white ora weapons, and black ora weapons can be made into "pure" black ora weapons. These weapons must be unscripted and made of the correct material. Weapons +20 and below will also receive +5 to their enchant.

Weeklong Miscellaneous Services and Goods

During the week, miscellaneous services available may include GALD, feature alterations, tattoos, custom nightmares, sonic alterations, and script unlocking. Items available for sale off the shelf will include undead bane oils, acuity flaring runestaffs (up to tier 4), white ora and black ora weaponry, and unarmed combat gear.

Service Pricing

The pricing for Creature Banes, AsG changes, ChronoFlares, Make-a-Returner, Blink Weapons, and Splitting Weapons will work as follows:

Final Enchant Pricing
+0 15000 silvers
+5 30000 silvers
+10 60000 silvers
+12 75000 silvers
+15 120000 silvers
+20 240000 silvers
+25 500000 silvers
+30 1500000 silvers
+35 3000000 silvers
+40 6000000 silvers
+45 12000000 silvers
+50 24000000 silvers

For other major combat services, the price will be highly variable due to item properties. Some examples are:

Item Service Price
4x Brigandine Plain to HCP 500k
7x Brigandine Plain to HCP 7.7m
10x Brigandine Plain to HCP 60m
4x Brigandine HCP to MCP 1m
7x Brigandine HCP to MCP 12m
10x Brigandine HCP to MCP 90m
4x Brigandine MCP to ECP 2.7m
7x Brigandine MCP to ECP 27.3m
9x Brigandine MCP to ECP 61m
10x Brigandine MCP to ECP 211m*

(*Special approval would be required for this.)

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