Maritime Defenses

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Maritime Defenses is a ship shop in Kraken's Fall. Located in a small crenellated structure flanked by large wrought iron cannons on South Arm Road in Kraken's Fall, this is where you can customize your ship's cannons.

[Maritime Defenses]
Thick cobblestones stretch across the floor, while heavy blocks form the walls and climb towards a rough oak ceiling. Heavy support posts stand out in each of the corners and also flank the doorways that lead deeper into the structure. A wrought iron chandelier provides illumination for a cannon merchant that roams about the room providing assistance to various consumers. You also see a wooden plank sign.


                 Ship's Cannon Customizations and Upgrades

Cannon Customizations

Reputation tier: 0
1. cracked
2. blemished
3. scratched

Reputation tier: 1
1. rusted
2. dented
3. pot-bellied

Reputation tier: 2
1. tarnished
2. verdigris
3. battered

Reputation tier: 3
1. notched
2. marred
3. shiny
4. gleaming

Reputation tier: 4
1. bright
2. archaic
3. sturdy
4. lustrous

Reputation tier: 5
1. dark
2. lacquered
3. burnished
4. glossy
5. pristine
6. blackened
7. hawk-mouthed
8. boar-mouthed
9. lion-mouthed
10. ogre-mouthed

Reputation tier: 0
1. iron
2. bronze

Reputation tier: 1
1. steel
2. lead

Reputation tier: 2
1. imflass
2. invar

Reputation tier: 3
1. ora
2. mithglin

Reputation tier: 4
1. gold
2. vultite

Reputation tier: 5
1. rolaren
2. golvern


Powder-burn scars mottle his one-eyed face, and both hands lack multiple digits, but he appears quite capable of taking your payment.